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R. Kelly -I Believe I Can Fly (Remix)

R. Kelly’s partnership through faith is not a complicated one: God exists, and R. Kelly talks to him. A LOT. R. Kelly additionally talks to dead people, yet that’s not weird bereason those dead human being are in heaven and also R. Kelly isn’t schizophrenic and also his talking to the dead is just an expansion of his talking to God.

One of my favorite examples of Kellz talking to The Creator Of Heaven And Earth And All That Shit is “I Median (I Don’t Typical It)“ which shows up on TP-2.com, an actual rock cold holyfuckhowdhedoit classic in the Kelly discography. TP-2.com no longer exists as a webwebsite, yet the original Gap Jam webwebsite DOES still exist. That’s important, because the various other track I’ll be discussing now is the remix to "I Believe I Can Fly,” the low-key wildest song Kelly ever created. “I Believe I Can Fly” quite obviously came out on the Void Jam soundtrack, yet tbelow exists a different, altogether better remix, that after prefer forty minutes of research I couldn’t discover out what it was attached to but I guess it’s most likely just the “I Believe I Can Fly” b-side on the single?

The thing around R. Kelly is he never half-asses the remix. He got T-Pain to include a totality ‘nother measurement to “Same Girl,” turned “Ignition” into the best party song of all time, and had expert R. Kelly album guests Boo & Gotti rap to each various other as Kellz and his dead frifinish on the “I Wish” remix. So in this one, Kelly starts the song out usually, till unexpectedly he’s at the entrances of heaven talking trying to obtain right into heaven. The St. Peter character claims no, so then he talks to his dead mother, then he realizes he hregarding believe he deserve to fly, then he provides it. Birds chirp, God (played by R. Kelly) tells him it’s chill and he goes house.

It’s kind of hard to listen to, especially the variation of the track I’m placing on this blog, and it’s ten motherfucking minutes long and also there’s a weird clipping sound that doesn’t sound favor it should be in tbelow. What’s amazing to me around this is just how Kellz oscillates in between like thirty million different voices in the song—consisting of an Andrea Bocelli-esque baritone that says he’s acquired a career in straight-up adult contempo waiting for him if he wants it—and also that he doesn’t pick to play his own mom. Turns out flying is an allegory for Kelly’s own salvation.

With “I Mean (I Don’t Typical It),” Kelly gets dumped and also decides to take his Bat Phone right as much as heaven. Kelly, it transforms out, is self-mindful as fuck. Even when engaging in an act of musical hubris he admonishes himself for being so selfish and also not being excellent to his girl. Then God tells R. Kelly that he’ll obtain his girlfriend earlier for him. Which kinda kills the girl’s agency in her own partnership, yet whatever.

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I’m honestly unsure as to whether Kelly legit thinks he can talk to God, yet something tells me yes.