Today on the pod, it’s a guest for whom David has been waiting for—Avi Loeb, an astrophysics professor at Harvard College who thinks it could simply be feasible that aliens have visited earth. Loeb talks about his study intoOumuamua, the initially well-known interstellar object that’s passed through our Solar System, and also provides his thoughts on the newly released UFO report from the Office of National Intelligence. Loeb also tells David and also Sarah about his scientific philosophy—just how science is favor a fishing expedition wbelow you throw out a hook and also view what happens.

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Show Notes:

-Avi Loeb’s bookExtraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth

-On Oumuamua by Avi Loeb

-Office of National Intelligence UFO report


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Haven"t listened to the entire podcast yet, yet I was struck by Loeb"s renote that people are not a types that coopeprices and shares. This is specifically wrong. Contrasted to the majority of species on this planet, we are very cooperative and also willing to share food and also sources in a way that a lot of pets perform not. Yes if you want to talk around some mythical creature out there that fits some right of teamwork and sharing, we loss brief. But in the real civilization of organisms living on this earth, we stand out as a extremely participating species.

I can check out why some in the scientific area are not that pleased via Loeb. Typically speaking, the majority of scientists aren"t pleased through fellow researchers who get out past their skis based on proof and also then take their pet theory to the court of public opinion, as Loeb did as soon as creating his book, instead of working it through via their fellow researchers. Doing so has actually obviously deserve to have its rewards in attention and also money, but I think many kind of would check out it as a little bit of a cwarm.

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An analogy in the legal sphere is someone who comes up via a questionable legal concept that plays well with specific members of the public and also becomes a public gadfly through all the fame and also money that deserve to come via it.

Now, I"m not saying Loeb is wrong or appropriate in his theory. Nor am I saying that Oumuamua shouldn"t be investigated through all options on the table. I"m just saying that I understand also wbelow his clinical detractors are coming from.