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Molly Fri, December 20, 2013


Welconcerned Fan Made Friday! A new attribute that"s all about YOU and your Hunger Games creations! Tright here are so many kind of imaginative human being in this fandom and we wanted to take some time to highlight some of the things you"ve done.

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First up is a bow and arrows made by Raul Tavarez. Raul is an avid Hunger Games fan and also archery enthusiast. He chose to make his own bow and arrows, inspired by the one Katniss supplied in the 7fourth Hunger Games. Check it out in activity. Can you believe he made this out of PVC pipe? It"s so beautiful!


Raul made the arrows out of wood and used clear fletching (the feathers on the arrow) just favor in the movie.


For reference, here"s Katniss and also her bow from The Hunger Games. Great task, Raul! You can follow Raul on twitter at


Would you favor to be featured in a Fan Made Friday post? Write us HERE and tell us what you developed. We may attribute you in a future FMF post!

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