Htc u11 home button not working

My Oneplus 2 house switch is dead. Its not responding at all. I have actually tried reinstalling the new upday (2.1.2), clear cache and it is still the exact same. Is this a hardware problem or a software trouble. Please Help

The hard reset doesen"t job-related for me but I addressed the trouble by discharge the phone totally. After it tourned of resulted in by the empty battery I pressed the power button for around 10 seconds to make sure the phone is 100 percent totally empty.

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Now my house button is doing extremely well!

I had actually the same problem: Home switch and also fingerprint sensor not working, fingerprint self diagnostics resulting in "fail" (Dial *#808# and select).

Draining my battery totally as suggested did not occupational for my phone. However after upgrading from Android 5.1 to Android 6.0.1 (Oxygen OS 3.02) home switch and fingerprint sensor instantly started to occupational aobtain perfectly.

That"s a relief than .... nothing functioned for me too.... waiting for the OTA upday....hope it will resolve it prefer yours

After upgrading from Android 5.1 to Android 6.0.1 (Oxygen OS 3.02) my phone"s finger print scanner is not working, it is reflecting fingerprint hardware is not obtainable . what to do?




The oneplus site has a couple of alternatives to attempt out. I did and all failed except one. The successful step was draining my battery 100% (needs to be entirely, totally discharged) and also then charging it completely. It worked! All the best.. K

Happened aget and this worked again! So, at leastern as much as my phone is came to, this is a validated solution. Do not EVER obtain your oneplus two wet or even damp!

Your trouble shows that your bottom loudspeaker/vibrator circuit board is about to give up as it is vulnerable to fail.

One day the discharge - complete charge will certainly not job-related anyeven more.

If that happens, at leastern you recognize what to do:

£11 to buy and also 10 minutes to tinker.

Works as brand also new!! (and also yes, it can get grbasic, damp, whatever before. Still works!)

I had the same problem. Try disabling gestures. It appears to minimize the peoblem. Would still take the phone to the company centre to get it checked though

Discharge battery fully (totally), then recharge fully. It have to be working again. Do not eexceptionally gain the button/scanner damp or wet. That"s the problem! All the ideal, all...

Make the home switch to gain earlier on track?

With what?? force-power down and also reinstall.. and also complete drain.. and also whatnot?

Not really.

Of course, it deserve to shake itself together and gain ago working (as a hardware) required by the software.. temporarily.

In reallity, though, it is a HARDWARE ISSUE.

Rather cheap and also simple to fix.

It is the bottom loudspeaker/vibrator circuit board, susceptible to fail.

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£11 to buy and 10 minutes to tinker.

Works as brand also new!!

Please feel totally free to spread the news.

Loads of OP2 out tright here experiencing...

I had actually my phone in my pocket while cycling, it seems to have actually recorded moisture and the residence switch quit functioning. Also the fingerprint test on *#808# says fail. What have to I do? Is this extended by phone warranty?

Try updating your phone to oxygen 3.0 (beta) . it worked for me. it will job-related for you definitely. If it functions put a mail abhilash081

Discharge battery completely (totally), then recharge completely. It should be functioning again. Do not ever before obtain the button/scanner damp or wet. That"s the problem! All the ideal..

I had the very same difficulty and also tried all the other options: reboot, clear cache etc - namong these functioned. Installed oxygen 3.0 (beta) and also this operated great. Thank you.

I had the same worry. Suddenly my house button did not response. (5 Minutes ago)

Pressed the Powerswitch till it shuts dvery own. Restart it and it"s working fine aget :)

This is bereason you pressure a power/comm circuit board to recollection its values and also push command also with.

Your difficulty suggests that your bottom loudspeaker/vibrator circuit board is around to give up as it is at risk to fail.

One day the pressure power down/up will certainly not work anymore.

If that happens, at leastern you know what to do:

£11 to buy and 10 minutes to tinker.

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Works as brand new!

So i simply had actually this problem prefer 5 minutes ago and ultimately resolved it , i tried the tough reset method , turning off the gestures neither of those 2 operated .

1) the factor for your house switch to not be functioning is because of moisture even if a drop of water deserve to make it stop functioning , im my case i did a workout and also offered my sweaty fingers on it , and also some sweat from the challenge fell on it , which lead to the switch not working

2) to solve this problem , drainpipe your phones battery entirely to 0% till it instantly shuts dvery own , the do some light blowdrying on that are (the speakers and the charger port give direct accessibility to the inside so you have the right to usage that or simply blowdry on the house button) then take a micro fiber towel (basically the towel which comes with reading glasses or which they usage for cleaning displays Yes No