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So you obtained a new HTC U12+ and also are enjoying it. But you have your valuable data in your older device and also desire it transferred to your new phone and execute not recognize how? No should issue. In this short article, you will certainly find just how to use HTC Transfer Device to transfer any type of data from an Android, an iPhone, a Blackberry, a Windows or any kind of other device to your HTC U12+.

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Part 1. HTC Transfer Device for Android: Transferring information From Android To HTC U12+ using HTC move tool app

Transferring content from android to your HTC U12+ is fairly straightforward. All you need to perform is go and also downpack the HTC Transfer Device on your old android gadget and also then proceed through the adhering to procedures.

Note 1: It is essential to note that your old Android tool need to be running on Android 2.2 or later on (which it the majority of more than likely does). Simply go to “Settings” > “About” to inspect the Android variation.

Keep in mind 2: The HTC Transfer Tool deserve to move contacts, messages, music, photos, videos, and also some compatible settings.

Steps to follow:

Swipe up from the home screen in your HTC U12+ and also go to Settings > System.Click on Get content from an additional phone.Choose if it’s an HTC Android phone or some various other Android phone.Click on Next off.You will certainly currently view a PIN on your old phone and also the same PIN on your HTC U12+. Keep clicking on Retry until the exact same PIN shows up.Click on Confirm on the old android.Choose the content that needs to be transferred to your new HTC U12+. Then click on Transfer.When the deliver finishes, click on Done on both phones.

Part 2. HTC Transfer Tool for iPhone: Transferring data From iPhone To HTC U12+ using HTC sync manager

It is commonly thought that carrying information from an iPhone to your HTC U12+ in one click is close to difficult. That’s not the case. It’s a slightly various procedure however it’s reasonably straightforward as well. You simply must use HTC Sync Manager and also follow the actions mentioned below:

Back-up the content of your iPhone right into iTunes installed on your computer system. This have the right to be done by connecting your iPhone to your computer, firing up iTunes, clicking the phone symbol on the top-left corner and also then clicking on Back-up.Now connect the HTC U12+ to the computer. You will certainly see that HTC Sync Manager will run automatically.Click on Transfer & Backup.You will discover an option saying Get Started. Click on that. Then click on Next.You will be asked to select an iTunes backup file. Browse and uncover the iPhone backup and pick it. Then click on OK.Select what form of content demands to be transferred to the HTC U12+.Click on Start. It will do the remainder on its own and also increate you as soon as it has actually finiburned.


Part 3. HTC Transfer Tool for Blackberry/Windows/Nokia/Other Phone: Bluetooth transfer

Transferring data from phones that are not Androids or iPhones can be a little complex, but you can find it broken dvery own below in an extremely easy and easy-to-understand also manner.

Majority of the instructions will be presented on your tool itself, so you don’t need to problem. Just follow these few actions outlined here and usage this Bluetooth Transfer strategy.

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Swipe up from the home display on your brand-new HTC U12+ and also open up Settings > System.Click on Get Content from an additional phone.Click on All various other phones.On your old Blackberry/Windows/Other phone, go to settings and revolve on Bluetooth bereason that is what will be offered for this move.Pair the gadget through the number displayed on your HTC U12+.Follow the on-display screen instructions to properly transfer data.

Part 4. Best HTC Transfer Device Alternative: Switch Mobile Transfer

If you uncover the above approaches too facility for your taste, or if the methods do not occupational, tright here is a very good alternate. Switch Mobile Transfer is a 1-click solution to all your mobile deliver difficulties. You can move any information from any kind of iPhone, Android, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, or any various other phone to Any Phone via Zero loss.

This software program supports over 7000 tools and enables you to move contacts, messperiods, photos etcetera with simply one click! The ease of use is practically magical.

You have the right to also gain back your backups from Blackberry, iTunes, OneDrive or any cloud storage to your gadget straight.

It is also 100% compatible with the latest iOS and Android versions.

Here are more instruction about carrying data through Switch Mobile Transfer:

Part 5. Tips for Fixing HTC Transfer Tool Not Working

Sometimes it could so take place that the HTC Transfer Tool doesn’t job-related because of some unanticipated factors. What do you execute in those cases? Well, don’t panic. First of all, you must recognize what is going wrong. If you are stuck halfway in between the information transport, these tips might aid collection the concerns right.

Try refounding the application – Yes, it has actually been sassist a lot of times, yet in many type of instances, just an easy restart fixes the trouble. Try restarting the application in both your old phone and your new HTC U12+.Reinstall HTC Transfer Device – Sometimes it happens that the tool doesn’t gain set up appropriately and that causes errors during information deliver. To deal with that, you deserve to just uninstall the tool and also install it aacquire without any errors.Rebegin the gadget – If refounding the application doesn’t job-related, it might take place that tright here is something wrong via the phone and a quick rebegin can fix that.Upday the application to the latest version – If you had actually downloaded the HTC Transfer Tool a long time ago, it can not be the latest version and can be leading to worries. Updating it to the latest version will fix the issues then because old versions can not support the latest firmware.Use a Stable Wi-Fi network – File move frequently happens with Wi-Fi and some files may be downloaded using the internet and also an unsteady Wi-Fi netoccupational have the right to cause problems. Check the Wi-Fi link and make certain the devices are connected to a steady netjob-related.Factory Recollection – This need to be a last resort, but if all the over tips failed, factory resetting your tool must settle the trouble.

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You must additionally note that rather of going with this, you have the right to just usage an alternate tool. Switch Mobile Transfer happens to be the finest different and also offers a 1-click solution to your mobile data move demands.