Htc front camera not working

I have actually had this phone for 2 months and both cameras quit working. I attempt opening the application and also it instantly dies and also goes back to the residence display. Also on snapchat the display reflects up black and will certainly not present anything that the lens would be mirroring.

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I have actually precisely the very same difficulty on my video camera and other apps such as instagram,snapchat,whatsapp eincredibly application that uses the electronic camera does not let me take a photo, Someone please aid it"s stressing me out now I"ve had this problem for virtually a month

I have actually a solution that operated for me! Enter Settings - Power - Scroll down to the bottom and also uncheck Fast boot - Restart Phone.




Hey Jacob, below are some points points that I recommfinish you try:

-Try to "clear data" under "camera" in application manager.

-If you"re using Lastpass try and also perform a factory rest.

- If you are using the Lastpass option "Enable fill right into apps" and also revolve it on in ease of access settings then the electronic camera concern might be tright here. Maybe if you rotate it off video camera works fine.

-Let me know what happens.

-Hope this helped

SUCCESS!!! first of all thank you for all the suggested options. What functioned for me? Someone said that we must uncover the apps that use the cam and disable them and also VIOLA!!!! that worked for me.

go to settings

then apps

click on each application and scroll to the bottom of each app (each one has to be done individually)

under permissions if the electronic camera is noted you scroll ago up and disable the application.

i did not disable messenger though



Guys, this is the solution. It worked in my phone.

go to settings then to applications. See which application is making use of the cam then force speak or disable it. For my situation, I forced soptimal the application called privacy guard and my cam worked perfectly henceforth.

My HTC Camera is not working at all, as soon as i tried to open the electronic camera it open and also it mirrors black screen and also then after at some time it comes to house scree.

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Can you tell me just how to rectify this problem.

I turned off phone took battery out blew off any dust put battery earlier and cover it started to job-related again

you can"t take the ago off a htc m8 because you need to take the display screen out to acquire to the ago of them

I have a solution that operated for me! Enter Settings - Power - Scroll dvery own to the bottom and also uncheck Fast boot - Restart Phone.

When challenged via this problem,

1. Resee the last apps you downloaded (Settings>Apps>new downloads)

2. Recheck out to view if it uses the video camera for any type of reason

3. If yes, push the Force stop Bottom

4. If 3 over didn"t job-related, you will need to uninstall the application (s)

I did the above and it turned out an application (Swifty) which I recently downloaded, was the reason of the trouble.

My HTC M8 is brand also new from box but video camera not working. I have actually tried to follow all the instructions here however to no avail. What should I do to this brand new hone?


I discovered a response but I can not define it just yet. I have a regimen that enables my home display to revolve. Whenever I permit that regimen the camera does not work in portrait mode. Just obtain a babsence display screen. However the electronic camera does work-related in landscape mode. If I disable that rotate regimen the cam works in both portrait and also landscape mode. Not sure what resulted in this to take place just yet. I thought I remember it functioning simply fine at initially. My guess is something obtained borked and it will certainly take some cache clearing or somepoint to fix totally. As for currently my work approximately is simply to disable the display rotation as soon as I want to usage the cam.

What i did is i simply quit the camera ihad!!and i do not recognize if this is a option for you-yet i simply downloaded one more electronic camera and also it"s working nicely! Hopefully so can you!!!!----sue

I simply opened the back on my phone and fiddled and also cleaned it a bit where the connection is, when I rebooted it operated aobtain...

I had actually the same issue also after manufacturing facility reset. Then I upgraded my software to marshmenable....

The cam is currently correctly working

***UPDATE*** I obtained my video camera back for a while, it damaged again. I"m tired of trying to settle this. I have had actually no cam for a while now

I do not have no front video camera eextremely time I go to the cam and pick the little square box I don"t see the selfie authorize.

My video camera won"t job-related the message" cam has all of a sudden stopped " mirrors up did all the above and a manufacturing facility reset and also still does not work

My HTC Desire 530 front facing camera has actually also quit working...did all the aid...incredibly frustrating ..deserve to someone please assist every one of us ? HTC peeps?

HTC renders good phones through as well many type of problems which gives customers loads of migraine. In the lengthy run it"s not worth buying.

Has anyone contacted HTC and also has actually their phone fixed? I"ve had actually my HTC One M9 for 3 days and also this has actually simply happened to me.

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My HTC One M8 major video camera has quit functioning after adjust of the accumulator battery. Just a black display screen. I will certainly attempt two options provided right here - turning off "Autorotate" and switching off all the apps that usage cam. Will tell you the outcome shortly...

My HTC One m8 selfie electronic camera is not functioning electronic camera app quits to food selection when I go to selfie mode and on other apps favor snapchat selfie deserve to shows black image

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