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Hey PCMR, sorry to be that guy asking for technology support however I wanted to run the worry I'm having actually by y'all in situation there's a quicker deal with than getting in touch with HP.

I have actually an Oguys gaming laptop (GTX 1070/i78thG/16gb Ram) that has been functioning fine since I acquired it in approximately october last year. I shut it dvery own last night and also tried to begin it up this day, to be faced via the following


SYSTEM SN _____________

Inster HP Sparekey USB Recoexceptionally Key"

Can anyone that has actually a tiny more backfinish expertise than me inform me as to

a. What could have led to this and

b. How I deserve to resolve it?


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lenovo ideacentre 520-24arr
1 year ago
Do you have a bios password on your computer. if you perform then its more than likely asking for a bios password recovery usb. Try reflashing the bios by powering off the lappeak and holding win+b and powering it on but save holding win+b it could beep a pair of times simply wait till it states that its reflashing bios. otherwise make a bios recoextremely usb by downloading the bios for your lappeak on another pc and also following the instructions then do the win+b thing


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