Hp press esc key for startup menu

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Try pushing on ESC essential before you power on, or if that fails do it just after powering on.It might continue to be onscreen longer if you push the Pause crucial (on the exact same key as Insert for many laptops) yet you will still need to be simply as quick when doing it so you won"t really obtain anything.

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It" the POST display. All computer systems have this, and you only need the ESC if you must gain in the BIOS to make transforms. If you have to obtain to it, simply save pressing ESC as soon as you rotate on your comptuer.

I think in this situation ESC will certainly offer a Startup Menu (which the OP desires to accessibility thus the research for how to make it continue to be on display screen longer).Hopetotally a reply from discgolfer will clear this up.
forprovide me, the start up food selection has actually a small more than just the BIOS.. though that form of menu that I know of does not have a timer that you deserve to adjust.
You"re forprovided James
I think you"re ideal around there being no timer and the OP is sindicate asking just how to keep that message on screen longer to have more time to push ESC.

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Sorry around the late response. In BIOS under Boot Options I uncovered the answer. It was the Post Hotcrucial Delay that was collection to 0. I changed it to 5 secs. The Message Display have the right to be readjusted for as much as 20 seconds on this machine. Thanks for all the replies, .. Couriant
, ... managed.
Thank you for the information. I commonly address Dell equipments that already have around 5-10sec delay before booting so I don"t watch that.
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