Shop the most reputable HP PhotoSmart 7520 ink replacements priced 78% much less than original HP cartridges.

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Experience the exact same brilliant HP print quality at a portion of the price through compatible HP PhotoSmart 7520 ink cartridge replacements. Compatible cartridges have actually been prcooktop to work through your PhotoSmart 7520 printer. Easy to install and also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

What ink does the PhotoSmart 7520 use? The HP PhotoSmart 7520 All-in-One inkjet printer uses 5 (5) HP 564 ink cartridges: one (1) black, one (1) photo babsence, one (1) cyan, one (1) magenta, and also one (1) yellow cartridge. The HP 564 cartridge comes in two sizes: traditional and also high yield. A conventional HP 564 black ink cartridge prints 250 pages, a high yield babsence HP 564XL prints 550 pages. Full web page yield info listed below.

Important Note: This printer supplies 2 (2) babsence cartridges: one (1) continual black and also one (1) PHOTO black. Be certain to identify which black you"re replacing as these cartridges are NOT interchangeable. You cannot use a 564 photo black as the continual babsence and vice versa. If you run out of the constant black, you cannot usage the photo babsence in its location.

What is a compatible ink cartridge? Compatible HP PhotoSmart 7520 ink cartridges are professionally remade cartridges by LD Products. Reproduced cartridges are fundamentally provided OEM HP PhotoSmart 7520 cartridges that have actually been thoabout cleaned, refilled through a comparable ink formula, and tested versus the same standards as OEM HP ink cartridges to ensure the exact same performance and print quality. Remanufactured cartridges are a cost saving alternate to original HP PhotoSmart 7520 ink.

Our refill kits sell yet one more method to save money and are an eco-friendly substitute to constantly utilizing brand-new cartridges. The use of compatible or reproduced ink cartridges for your HP PhotoSmart 7520 will not void your printer"s warranty. All compatible cartridges come through a Lifetime Guarantee.

We likewise bring original HP cartridges which market the reliability that you deserve to intend from HP and also come via standard manufacturer warranties.


Many type of consumers are worried if the use of compatible or afterindustry printing provides will void theirprinter"s warranty. The answer is no.

More simply put, this indicates that your printer warranty cannot be voided simply because you select to usecompatible assets unmuch less the manufacturer have the right to prove that the compatible product caused straight damageto your printer. In cases such as this, the manufacturer may select not to repair your printer however yourwarranty would remain in impact for all other warranty worries.

For more information see:MAGNUSON-MOSS WARRANTYIMPROVEMENT ACTUSA Code AnnotatedChapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties15 Section 2302 Section C

HP PhotoSmart 7520 Ink Commjust Asked Questions

What ink does HP PhotoSmart 7520 use?

The PhotoSmart 7520 All-in-One inkjet printer uses five (1) HP 564 / 564XL ink cartridges: a babsence, photo black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. More affordable compatible ink replacements are obtainable in all five colors.

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HP 564 vs 564XL: The HP 564 is a conventional sized cartridge while the HP 564XL is a high yield dimension cartridge that contains more ink and can print even more pperiods making it the more economical alternative for consumers. All five colors in the 564 series are obtainable in XL size. 

Why does my HP PhotoSmart have actually two babsence cartridges?

The HP PhotoSmart 7520 printer provides 2 babsence cartridges: the continual black consists of pigment-based ink and is offered for printing text papers, while the photo black has dye-based ink and is supplied by the printer when printing imeras. Regular babsence compatible replacements also contain pigment-based ink and also photo black compatible replacements additionally contain dye-based ink.