Hp omni 10 windows 10

Fast Take

The HP Omni10 is a lightweight tablet that functions well as a content usage tool or as a companion to a worksteed COMPUTER for expert demands.

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Buyers searching for a budget-friendly, full-dimension Windows 8.1 tablet as an alternate to the more expensive Dell Venue 11 Pro or pricey Microsoft Surface Pro 2 should take a peek at the HP Omni 10. This Intel Atom-based 10-inch tablet is just $400.

Overall the tablet is a well-built, lightweight, content-intake unit for surfing the Web, watching streaming videos, showcasing digital photos or analysis emails. It provides all the functionality compelled in a tablet designed for consumers with the occasional experienced need.

It’s clear the HP Omni 10 is a tablet and not a COMPUTER for replacing one’s notebook. However, if the tool is paired via an exterior Bluetooth keyboard and office efficiency apps, it deserve to perhaps cross over into the realm of the mobile service user who have the right to use the tablet as a companion unit to their worksteed PC.

Build and Design

One of the nice attributes of the Omni 10 is its weight. At just 1.4 lbs. the device is a joy to organize, compared with various other heftier taballows of this class. HP added a nice touch via the tablet’s rounded edge in the ago. There is a graphite end up encasing the rear of the tablet that is not the typical hard, cold aluminum or plastic feel. Rather, the smooth graphite is soft and also heat, providing one via the illusion of a cushioned grip. This helps end customers holding the tablet for longer periods of time versus resting the tablet on one’s lap.

The multi-touch tablet actions 10.2 (W) x 7.1 in (D) x 0.4 in (H).


The Omni10 uses a bideal 10.1-inch Gorilla Glass 3 display screen via 1920×1200 resolution. However before, when compared via the $900 Surchallenge Pro 2 while streaming an episode from the brand-new CBS prime time show ‘Intelligence’, the screen on the HP slate did not show up as sharp as the Surconfront Pro 2.

Ports and also Buttons

This HP version offers several ports, consisting of a microSDXC slot for as much as 128GB extra storage and a 3.5 mm jack for headphones. In addition, the tablet comes through a micro-USB slot, a micro-HDMI D-connector, and also DC-in jack.

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But whereas the growth ports are absolutely a plus for this tablet, their place is a questionable style alternative. Except for the headphone jack, in landscape mode, the ports sit at the bottom edge of the tablet, near the Windows residence key. Esthetically, the ports remain out of sight for users, and also in some methods are safeguarded from potentially grimy hands once holding the tablet, however it is sindicate not the finest location. If the tablet demands to be perceived in landscape mode and also propped up in a stand also for hands-free viewing, cables emerging from the bottom of the tablet will acquire in the means.

In addition, if the Omni 10 sits in a folio-style instance plus keyboard cover, it will cover the ports, and also not administer the ease for plugging in the power adapter or other USB gadgets when necessary.

Meanwhile, the volume manage is inset in the ago of the unit, just at the rounded edge on the right of the tablet while the power button sits on the top ideal edge of the gadget.



HP sells the HP Omni 10 Stand also Case for $40. While the accessory is similar to a cover and also case that allows the tablet to stand, this reviewer would rather see more third parties giving outside keyboard covers, similar to what Logitech and also others provide for a range of tablets on the market this day. Everyone’s requirements for instances are different and the feel and also weight of one case may appeal to one user and also not one more.

HP also provides the HP 18W Charging Stand also for $40, which permits the tablet to charge while one watches movies or surfs the Net.

The vendor does not market a Bluetooth keyboard, however one can easily purchase them on the Net or in a retail store to pair through this tablet. For any kind of real content creation, this is a need as the on-screen Windows 8 key-board takes up half the display actual estate, making it tough to view records in a landscape mode.

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We’re just acquiring began — Page 2 covers the performace of the HP Omni 10 and it consists of our benchmarks of this Windows tablet.