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Thanks to the digital age, the printed photograph has been replaced with an electronic photo frame or an iPad you pass about. HP wants to change all that by embedding surprise augmented truth videos inside your physical photos.

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Basically, you have the right to allude your iPhone camera at a “ Live Picture ” developed via HP"s mechanism and also watch it automagically rotate right into a video on your smartphone display screen. It’s appears both incredibly backwards and awesome at the very same time.

To develop you very own Live Photos, you first must downfill the HP Live Photo application onto your camera-equipped iOS device. You can usage the app to convert any type of 45 seconds of video into a single structure that comes encoded through the video equivalent to the method you can save information in a QR code. All that’s left to execute is print the image from the iPhone application to an AirPrint-permitted printer, which has many Wi-Fi-equipped printers.

While it could seem backwards to look at a photo via your iPhone simply to check out a video clip, it certainly seems to existing a much more personal means to share videos than just to sfinish your frifinish a YouTube link.

Is this an excellent or weird idea? Leave a comment.

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