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My computer system keeps locking up. Ill try to run somepoint and a blue display screen will pop saying "locking..." And it will totally shut down. How perform i deal with this?

***Modified title from: my computer system (dell, home windows 10) keeps locking up, just how execute I fix it?***



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To obtain clarity on the problem, it would be great if you can assist us via the details asked for below:

When you say, “Ill try to run somepoint and a blue display screen will certainly pop saying "locking” execute you watch any kind of error message/code on the screen?

What is the version variety of your Dell computer?

Are you conscious of any kind of alters made to the computer recently?

Which develop variation of Windows 10 are you utilizing currently? To inspect type:winver in the search bar on the Taskbar and also hitEnter.

Please reply with the comprehensive information on the problem to aid you better.


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Replied on December 4, 2019
In reply to Nikhar_K's short article on November 18, 2019

I"m acquiring the exact same trouble and there"s nearly no information on this particular issue out tbelow that I deserve to uncover.

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At seemingly random times, the screen actually states "Locking" exceptionally briefly (blue display screen I think) then the computer shuts down. Turns entirely off and also hregarding be turned earlier on manually. I"ve scanned for malware and virus" but found nothing. Even deep scanned through the Windows protection app and also nothing. That scan went on for over 2 hours.

I have actually an HP 2000 Notebook I got in 2012. It"s simply a Core i3 processor that I"ve broadened to 8 gigs RAM but that remained in 2012. The battery was original and couldn"t hold a charge for 5 minutes at this allude but I just reinserted that battery today. I"ve not had actually that "locking" message this particular day however I acquired it a few times on Sunday while running a virus/malware shave the right to and also doing other things at the exact same time. That time, I actually obtained the message 4 or 5 different times with 3 of those happening within 1 hour. One of those taken place around 5 minutes after restart and then an additional was about 10 minutes after.. I believed for sure I had a virus and was not going to have the ability to usage my computer system exceptionally a lot if that persisted. Thankfully it has not and also I"ve not had another event given that.

After a lot searching the internet for a solution, I came throughout just 2 places this was especially mentioned. The advice provided wregarding adjust the "lock screen" settings and also comparable settings which I"ve already done. It"s not a lock display it"s a screen that says "Locking" extremely easily then it shuts dvery own. I can always rebegin it.

So far, after judgment out most various other possibilities, I think it either hregarding carry out via the processor temperature or the battery. So I reduced my maximum procedure speed to 75% and also it"s run much cooler given that. The day prior to I noticed it was running extremely warm so I air sprayed out every little thing really good. That aided yet it was still hot air and it"s been running sensibly not for at leastern a year now.

The other change is the battery which I did this afternoon. I had actually run a diagnostic on that battery from the HP webwebsite and also it found no problems through it. Aacquire, it was incredibly old - the original factory battery holding maybe 5 minutes of charge once I unplugged it.

I think I started gaining this message every so regularly perhaps around a year earlier or much less. It"s happening at random times as far as I have the right to tell. But it does seem to take place once I"m doing the majority of points at one time.

Due to the fact that I"ve not had actually that message again because reducing my maximum processor speed, I suspect that might be the reason. However, I cannot discover anything anywhere that states the "Locking" screen is a duty of Windows 10. Maybe it"s an HP feature however I haven"t discovered any evidence of that either.

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I"m writing a lot of information here bereason there"s so bit information on this specific difficulty . Aacquire, it"s not an actual lock display difficulty, the display just states "Locking" really quickly then shuts down. I"m hoping the few others I"ve seen out there through this precise problem can advantage from my input right here, assuming I deserve to uncover the actual cause.