Hp laptop freezes randomly

If your computer system has slowed to a near-crawl, or become unresponsive entirely, here's exactly how to check out if it's a simple fix or somepoint that needs even more attention.

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If any of them are not responding, select them and also click the End Task button. If you"re managing an isolated incident, that have to be all you require. Windows need to snap back to attention as shortly as you"ve closed the regimen, and also you have the right to restart the program to proceed your job-related.

If your PC always seems to freeze as soon as that routine is running, though, you might have to uninstall it and also find an alternate. You may also should upgrade your hardware, if the regime is so intensive that it"s running out of resources.

Check Your Browser’s Task Manager

Sometimes, your computer is running fine, but your browser gets stuck on a certain page. And when so a lot of what we do on computers is confined to the browser, this feels choose your entirety computer system is freezing, when it might simply be the page you’re on. In those scenarios, Windows’ job manager might tell you your internet browser isn’t responding, however if you desire even more info on why, you might have to dig deeper.

In Chrome, press Shift+Esc to check out Chrome’s own task manager. In Firefox, you can click the food selection button and also go to More > Task Manager. This will show you the different processes running within your internet browser, potentially giving you some indevelopment on what web page or extension might be frozen, or using many CPU and memory.

You might additionally have a run-of-the-mill dispute with an extension—for example, I recently had problems via the Grammarly expansion freezing Google Docs all the time—so attempt disabling some browser extensions to see if that solves the difficulty. Hopetotally, the developers will certainly concern a deal with, as Grammarly seems to have done.

Reboot and also Try Again

If Ctrl + Alt + Delete does not work, then your computer is truly locked up, and also the just means to gain it moving again is a tough reset. Press and hold dvery own on the power button until your computer turns off, then press the power switch aobtain to boot ago up from scrape.

If you were functioning on somepoint essential when the freeze happened, you might have the ability to recoup it, relying on the regime and also how it handles unsaved records. For example, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint auto-conserve backups as you occupational, and also you have the right to often recoup them the following time you open the program.

Or navigate to Data > Info > Manage Document(s) > Recover Unconserved Document. It won"t necessarily work eextremely time, however it"s worth a shot—execute some digging on whatever before program craburned to check out if it has a similar feature. If it does not, you might be unfortunately stuck doing some of that work over aacquire.

Check the Relicapability Monitor

If you still can not pinsuggest the reason of your lockups, you"ll need to execute some extra troubleshooting. In these instances, I recommfinish checking Windows" Reliability Monitor—it"s a lesser-well-known error-reporting tool hidden in Windows" settings. Open the Start menu, search for "relicapacity," and click the "View relicapability history" choice that shows up.


You"ll view a graph of your PC"s relicapability over time, via crash logs and other concerns alongside updates and freshly mounted applications. If you can find an error listed about the same time as your freezing problem began, Reliability Monitor will certainly offer you the alternative to check out technological details or examine Microsoft"s database for a solution to the difficulty. These details might have some error codes you have the right to Google for more information. Microsoft’s database, meanwhile, hardly ever ever before works, however it’s something to attempt.

If those do not assist, you might additionally usage the graph to discover out what applications or updays were mounted prior to the freezing began happening. If a brand-new routine or upday looks to be the reason, attempt making use of System Resave to revert your computer system to a state prior to it was mounted.

Find Out More About Your Blue Screen of Death

If your computer’s freezing is ultimately followed by a crash and the sad-challenge Blue Screen of Death, you may have the ability to discover more indevelopment about the cause of your troubles. The QR code and also “Sheight Code” on the blue screen are decent beginning points for your research, but they rarely tell you whatever.

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That’s why I recommend likewise checking BlueScreenView, a totally free tool that reads the “dump file” your computer creates during a crash and presents it in a slightly more user-friendly means. (Download links are at the bottom of that page; they’re a little difficult to find). It’s still sensibly technological, yet you have the right to scroll horizontally to watch what driver or tool led to the crash, and various other codes you have the right to Google to attempt and uncover the culprit.

The makers of BlueScreenView have actually a number of other freeze- and crash-diagnosing tools also, like WhatIsHang and also AppCrashView, which can be worth trying. Aobtain, System Resave might be useful here in attempting to settle the problem.

Reinstall Any Recent Drivers

While System Rekeep must have the ability to fix the majority of problems, I’ve discovered it isn’t constantly able to repair specific harder-to-pin-dvery own quirks. For example, my computer system recently began freezing constantly after I upgraded my graphics card. It turned out it was most likely as a result of some leftover components from the old driver that were conflicting, and also running Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) in safe mode was enough to clean up the difficulty.


If you installed any kind of new hardware newly, attempt uninstalling its drivers—or uninstalling the motorists from the hardware that preceded it—and view if you can’t resolve the trouble. DDU in specific is a good tool for graphics and audio drivers that are interfering through each various other.

Do a Malware Scan

Similar to all computer system glitches, it never harms to perform a malware scan and see if somepoint nefarious is causing your problems—specifically if you haven"t done so in a while. Grab a complimentary scanner choose Malwarebytes, let it comb with your difficult drive, and watch if anypoint pops up. If you run right into trouble, inspect out our guide to ridding your computer system of malware.

Give Your Hard Drive a Checkup

A failing difficult drive might cause hangups and also other similar problems, so while you’re running scans, examine your difficult drive’s health, too. You deserve to do this by running wmic diskdrive get version,status in a Command also Prompt, however for more thorough health indevelopment, I recommfinish running CrystalDiskInfo for Windows (free) or DriveDx for macOS ($20 with a totally free trial). If that tool reflects your drive as anypoint other than “OK,” it can be the cause of your difficulties, and also you’ll want to rearea that drive posthaste.

Watch for Overheating

Excess warmth have the right to regularly reason your computer system to—ironically—freeze, so if you see this difficulty pop up aget and aobtain, possibly your cooling is to blame. Install a temperature monitor like Core Temp, connumber its alternatives to display temperature in the Notification Area, and drag that icon out of the pop-up tray and onto the taskbar so it"s always visible.


The following time your computer freezes, you deserve to take a quick glance at the Core Temp icon to check out if warm might be your trouble. If the temperature is 90 levels Celsius or over, it"s virtually certain your computer is overheating.

Clean any kind of dust out of the computer with a high-pressure duster and also inspect the fans—if any of them aren"t spinning, you might have actually a failed bearing and need to rearea the fan.

Test Your RAM

Bad memory deserve to additionally be a culprit of locked-up devices, so if you suspect you can have a failing RAM stick, it"s time to run some tests. Pop open the Start menu and search for the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool—it"ll reboot your computer and also test your memory, notifying you if it finds any kind of problems. You could also try Memtest86+, an open-source boot disk that performs more thostormy trial and error.


If all the tests come out okay, it may just be that you don"t have actually enough RAM. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up the Task Manager the next time you experience difficulties, and also click the Performance Tab. If your memory is maxed out, it might be time to upgrade.

Google your design of lappeak to number out what sort of RAM you have to buy, and also just how to replace it. (If your RAM is soldered onto the motherboard—as is the situation via many brand-new thin and light laptops—you may have to buy a new lappeak altogether.)

If All Else Fails, Call in the Pros

If nothing else appears to deal with the difficulty, you might have a hardware difficulty not so conveniently solved on your very own. If your lappeak is still under warranty, call the manufacturer for organization. If your motherboard (or some other part) is indeed failing, they"ll likely relocation it for complimentary.

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If your warranty has actually lengthy expired, find a great repair shop in your area and also view if they deserve to diagnose the difficulty additionally. You might need to pay for that repair, or—if it"s as well costly—relocation the lapoptimal entirely. It"s a bummer on the wallet, yet at leastern you"ll be able to obtain work done again.