Hp 8460p bios

When I try to create a USB flash drive from Windows through the new BIOS I get the following error "Required HP UEFI BIOS Update utilities are not accessible in source or destination folder, unable to proceed." The flash drive is 4GB and formatted to FAT32.

 I have actually not tried to update the BIOS making use of the Windows alternative as I am afrhelp somepoint can not job-related considering that I am making use of Windows 10. I carry out not want to brick the notebook.


Do you think something can break if I use the Windows 8.1 x64 BIOS upday .exe in Windows 10 x64? (I am afrhelp Windows Defender might block something...)

What can reason the error stated above that does not permit me to create the BIOS flash drive?

Is tbelow any type of safer way to upday the BIOS?

Thank you!

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I did the BIOS upday from Windows 10 and jumped from version F.22 to version F.67 Everything went fine!


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