If you"re out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold, all you need to do is watch the world"s coziest show: Gileven more Girls. Quirky, heat, sometimes paincompletely realistic, and various other times not realistic at all, Gilmore Girls, and its beloved establishing of Stars Hollow, have got a cult following.

The show"s current resurgence means that old fans have the Stars Hollow gang earlier on their radars, while brand also new fans tuned in around the country. We acquired an additional possibility to witness Sherman-Palladino"s unmistakable style, while the collab through Netflix supposed that the show felt more contemporary and also relatable.

But this GG quiz digs deeper, to the world of Stars Hollow pre-resurgence, as it was illustrated between 2000-2007. You might call yourself a super fan, however have you re-watched the episodes sufficient times to identify whether Rory"s greatest hero is Christiane Amanpour or Hillary Clinton? Do you remember the suggestive name of Lorelei"s lipstick during her spa weekfinish with Emily? Do you know the family well sufficient to be one of Emily"s maids? Or among Richard"s service partners? Could you walk in to Luke"s Diner or one of Taylor Doose"s tvery own meetings and be mistaken for a regular? Have you adhered to the show"s history very closely enough to know which actor covertly hates coffee?

You can think you recognize the Gilmore Girls, but this is the quiz that only a Stars Hollow resident might pass.

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Concern 1

What is the name of Lane's mom's store?

Kim's Butcher Kim's Antiques Kim's Furniture Kim's Finds
Starting off via Lane, bereason she is the ideal best-frifinish ever before and also certainly deserves even more display time than she occasionally is provided. Lane's relationship through her mother is, supposedly, supposed to parallel Lorelei's connection with Emily; both are strained as a result of differing values, yet develop throughout the present and also are obviously grounded not simply in conflict, yet also in love and also treatment. Lane's mother, Mrs. Kim, is a really hardfunctioning businesswoguy and owns a shop appropriate in the centre of Stars Hollow. Do you recognize what it's called?

Question 2

What college does Rory attfinish before Chilton?

Stars Hollow High Hartford Public School Stars Hollow Collegiate Institute Connecticut High
We learn in the very first episode that Rory has actually been accepted to Chilton, successfully kicking off the series by forcing Lorelei to reattach via her paleas in rerotate for financial assist. Rory spends the rest of the series between Chilton and also Yale, both of which are very prestigious organizations wbelow she is hugely (and also periodically unrealistically) successful. But what were Rory's days prefer prior to Chilton? Do you remember the high institution that preyielded it? Hint: her Stars Hollow friends proceed to attend this high college throughout the series.

Concern 3

What was Luke's Diner before it was Luke's Diner?

Luke frequently talks around the history of his shop, which as soon as belonged to his father. He is resistant to adjust, and plainly takes pride in keeping the previous shop's memory and integrity (see: the episode where Lorelei tries to help Luke paint/spruce up the diner and also he flips out). Luke's link to his father was solid, and is a continuous topic throughout the series. But the shop did undergo a bit of change, as it was not constantly a restaurant. Do you recognize what it was?

Question 4

What area does Richard Gilmore job-related in?

Rictough Gileven more is plainly a very effective guy. He cares deeply for his job-related, and freaks out after realizing that his beloved agency may usage his age as grounds to "phase him out". He responds initially by quitting, and then by beginning his own company, to which Lorelei acts as the initially secretary. She ultimately leaves the quasi-job to someone more suited to resolve Richard, but the firm continues to be in Lorelei's personal life through a stvariety scandal via a later lover.

Inquiry 5

Stars Hollow is located in between which two towns?

Hartford and New Milford New Haven and Hartford New Haven and New Milford Hartford and Connectireduced
Stars Hollow is recognized and loved as a tvery own that dwellings artists, tiny organization owners, and also as Emily once calls them, "circus freaks". It's an extremely beautiful town, and periodically talked about as though it's a lot more rustic than it actually appears to be. However, it's bordered by the extreme wealth that you can imagine when picturing a tvery own in Connectireduced. Which of these 2 communities are a short drive away from Stars Hollow, but still much sufficient to have actually entirely different identities?

Concern 6

Wbelow execute Lorelei and Luke share their initially date?

Liz and TJ's wedding Jess and Rory's wedding The valentine's day fair The Stars Hollow Dance-a-thon
Ahh.. the lengthy awaited moment! After Luke's ultimate realization that he loves Lorelei (duh, Luke!) he starts to plan cute little bit quasidates for the soon-to-be couple to share. The the majority of considerable one takes area once Luke invites Lorelei to a really certain event... Do you remember which event it is? This is likewise the night wright here the two share a dance together. Hint: it's a place where lovers unite. It's a area wright here human being kiss and dance and celebprice their futures together... ;)

Concern 7

When Paris meets Rory, why does she initially hate her?

Paris is jealous of Rory's partnership through her mom Paris is jealous of Rory's beauty Paris is endangered by Rory's academic success Tristan likes Rory, and Paris likes Tristan
Rory and also Paris endure a long and also winding partnership, both professionally and also as friends. But it is not always positive or easy, and also they start their connection as opponents at Chilton. Paris is suspicious of Rory from the very start, yet obviously warms as much as her and also ends up being a repeatedly influential character in the present. This is especially apparent in the revival, once Rory appears to have retained in also better call via Paris than through Lane. But once Rory initially arrives, what is Paris's major problem via her? Pick the answer that is many applicable.

Inquiry 8

Jess and also Rory are coming to be friends, and then he leaves Stars Hollow. Why?

He realizes she's annoying They acquire right into a vehicle accident Lorelei sees them together and, protective of Rory, freaks out at Luke Dean sees them and also breaks up through Rory
Similar to Paris, Rory's connection through Jess starts on rocky footing. She's still dating Dean, however he never before appears to view this as a substantial barrier. It's clear from the start that he likes her (she's smart and booky, simply like him), and also he tries to gain as much time through her as feasible. When Luke finds that Jess is failing every one of his classes, he concerns Rory in hopes that she will tutor him. The following day, Jess is gone. What taken place that night?

Inquiry 9

Were Lorelei and also Chris ever married?

They acquire married and also divorced during Lorelei's pregnancy They never obtain married, though they hint at it throughout Sookie's wedding They acquire married in Paris Chris proposes multiple times, yet Lorelei hasn't won back his trust yet
Chris and Lorelei (or need to we say "Lor") have a tumultuous partnership throughout the display, yet he's pretty a lot always in the image. We understand that the couple were together in highinstitution, and that arrangements were created their marriage after Lorelei's pregnancy. We likewise understand that Lorelei and Chris's adult connection is not always platonic, especially as Lorelei searcs for the "entirety picture" kind of family with him and also Rory. But execute they ever before actually make it marriage official?

Inquiry 10

Who is the infamous tvery own gossip?

News travels quick in a small town! This is central throughout the show, and also is a lot of apparent once it comes to relationships; once Dean and also Rory first break up, everyone knows, and also it's all many thanks to this loveable loud mouth. Then, once Lorelei gets sort-of-engaged to Max, this character leads as a stampede of occupants follow her to Luke's diner and also watch her break the news to him. But Luke is (apparently) cool around it, and also has actually more inquiries about the audience external his window than the engagement.

Concern 11

After Richard is rude to Dean during dinner, why does Emily make him apologize?

Emily finds out around Lorelei's engagement Emily finds Rory's old diary Rory tells Emily that she won't come to Friday night dinner anymore Dean threatens to break up with Rory
As their partnership becomes more severe, Rory decides to invite Dean to the one-of-a-kind family members dinner organized by her grandmother in celebration of her height marks at Chilton. Emily is surprised to check out Dean once he arrives, however is ultimately polite, while Richard continues to be quiet and upset for the most of the dinner. He ultimately bombards Dean via a collection of questions around his future, and also claims that Rory is special and also demands to day someone that is additionally special. Marking her first fight through her grandpa, Rory storms out in defence of Dean, and also Emily ultimately tells Ricdifficult to apologize. Do you remember what prompts her to side through her granddaughter over her husband?

Inquiry 12

What is the name of Lorelei and also Sookie's brand-new Inn?

During the initially few seasons, it is a recurring conversation between Lorelei and also Sookie that they desire to ultimately start a service together. After having worked at the Independence Inn for so long, and learning each other's certain service staminas, they devise a arrangement to take over an old Stars Hollow home and also convert it into an inn. It isn't a perfectly smooth ride; they get right into their initially fight while trying to secure the building, and opening the space takes years. But when it's running, it's effective.

Concern 13

For her Harvard application, Rory have to create about someone inspiring. Who does she initially setup to compose about?

Lorelei, and also their connection together Christiane Amanpour Mitchum Huntzburger Hillary Clinton
When the last year of high college rolls approximately and also Rory begins to occupational on university applications, she is completely confident in her principles and also ability. But once she and Paris hold a panel of management policemans to share advice with Chilton seniors, Rory realizes that her preferred figure of impetus could be much less revolutionary than she had assumed. This spins her right into a spiral of panic and also self-doubt, yet she eventually pulls with and also submits a stellar application. Do you understand who the original essay was going to feature?

Inquiry 14

Which of the GG stars actually hates coffee?

Coffee is a central part of Gileven more Girls. The amount of coffee consumed by Rory and also Lorelei is at times laughable, and at times simply nonsensical (I've tried to store up through their coffee intake and it simply isn't possible). Luke Danes is continuous in his criticism of their halittle bit, however what does his actor, Scott Patterchild really think? What perform the three Gilmore Girls (Emily is also an outstanding coffee drinker) consume in actual life? One of them is a real-life coffee hater.

Concern 15

What is Luke's sister's job?

She trains dogs and also then auctions them at the fair She sews tiny arrows right into heart-shaped pillows She renders jewelry in the Renaissance faire circuit She teaches dance with Ms. Patty
Liz is first presented to the display in seaboy 2, as soon as she sends her misbehaved 17 year old kid to live in Stars Hollow via responsible uncle Luke. We don't actually fulfill Liz till later, but tbelow is talk of her; we learn that she stopped doing drugs, she has a boyfrifinish called TJ that she loves (Luke is skeptical) and has taken up an imaginative and also somewhat sustainable project doing what she loves. Do you remember what this project is?

Question 16

Which colour lipstick does Emily wear in the time of her weekfinish amethod with Lorelei?

This one can sound hard, yet if you've viewed the episode you recognize that it's actually a pretty important allude. Emily tricks Lorelei into a mother/daughter weekfinish at the spa, and Lorelei spends many of the pilgrimage trying to catch some alone time and avoid her mommy. But after one more regime fight, the 2 decide to head out for a goofy evening together, and Emily borrows a shade of lipstick from Lorelei that she had previously rolled her eyes at. What was it called?

Inquiry 17

Kirk as soon as was in a band referred to as...

It deserve to be hard to store track of all of Kirk's jobs; between the miscellaneous shops he have the right to be found in, the odd tasks he is called to carry out, and also the "original" businesses that he creates (favor Oober, the driving service out of his mom's auto in A.Y.I.T.L.), we imagine that this guy's acquired a pretty complete and also superior resume. But he's not just the town's all-purpose worker, he's also a renowned artist, via a background in film and in music. Referenced just when, and also in the episode called "One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes", what is the name of Kirk's old band?

Question 18

Who was Luke's initially love?

When Lorelei supplies to organize a garments drive at her house, she finds a jacket that is totally cute and totally her, and obviously buys it. The next day at coffee time, Luke sees her and also completely freaks out. She doesn't recognize why at first, but inevitably learns that the jacket belonged to his ex and also first love. She comes to visit later in the seakid, and reconnects through Luke for a couple of episodes prior to hitting the road aget. What's her name?

Concern 19

Who is April Nardini?

Alappropriate, any kind of fan of Luke and also Lorelei as a pair might have had some beef via this character, that comes in as the unpredictable (though herself innocent) pressure that inadvertently breaks them up. Spiralling the couple into a new chapter of lies and also unpredictcapacity, April Nardini never before really construed her impact on the couple's stcapability. It's pretty much her entrance right into the display that provides them break up, though they obviously have sufficient personal problems and also it can't all be blamed on her.

Inquiry 20

Which of these GG sweethearts actually dated in real life?

Kelly Bishop and also Edward Herrmann (Emily and Richard) Lauren Graham and Scott Cohen (Max Medina) Alexis Bledel and also Milo Ventimiglia (Rory and Jess) Rini Bell and also Sean Gunn (Kirk and Lulu)
It's the timeless audience relocate as soon as you're watching a display with an excellent love subplot; you want the characters from the present to be lovers irl. It renders for better chemisattempt, and also it's simply even more fun to understand that your fictional faves can not be so fictional. This actually was the case for one of the show's renowned couples, yet perform you know which one? Hint: it's not Luke and also Lorelei - actually, the two were well-known for frequently butting heads on collection.

Concern 21

Which of the adhering to was NOT created by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Amy Sherman-Palladino is recognized for developing reflects that, while all different from each other and distinct, regularly follow similar tropes and also common characters. For instance, one of the mirrors detailed below functions a primary character whose feeling of humour is definitely comparable, if not nearly the same to Lorelei. It likewise attributes a similar actors, via Kelly Bishop once aacquire playing a mommy figure (though one who differs notably from Emily). Which of these mirrors is NOT a Shermale Palladino original?

Question 22

True of False: Emily writes notes and errands on her vanity mirror eexceptionally day

Emily is a busy lady; in between her meetings for the Daughters of the Amerideserve to Revolution, her book club, being docent at Nantucket Whaling Museum, and also a volunteer for the Starlight Foundation and also the Hartford Symphony, she has many kind of points to store track of. The GG wiki calls her a "Corpoprice Wife", but we know she's much more complicated (and also more busy) than that. But through all of her tasks, just how does a lady choose Emily Gileven more continue to be organized? Is it true or false that she writes notes and also errands on her vanity mirror eincredibly day?

Question 23

Who is Lane's initially love

We tfinish to just think around Zack when it pertains to Lane's love life, but there's actually a cutie who came before Zack and also who must not be forgained. Tbelow are, but, some similarities; he's a musician, he tries desperately difficult to impush Mrs. Kim, and also he plays in the exact same band via Lane and Zack. But he ultimately leaves the display (hint: the actor left because he signed on to act in The O.C.. If this isn't the memory jogger you essential, we don't know what is)

Inquiry 24

Who is Dean's wife?

Dean starts out as the ultimate high school sweetheart; he is great to Rory while they are together, and though he may not be the bad boy she ends up wanting, he's caring and he loves her for who she is. There partnership gets facility though, and also he inevitably cheats on his wife via her, despite having been acomponent for so lengthy. He likewise admits that he has actually always loved her, despite being in various other relationships. Not cool, Dean. Not cool.

Concern 25

What is the first line of the show?

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"Please Luke. Please Please Please" "You lost me at carrots" "If it was possible to make love to a warm beverage, this would certainly be this one" "I need coffee in an IV"
The pilot is fun to rewatch bereason it is collection in a entirely various tvery own, and it's clear that the producers didn't have actually the idea for the show 100% collection. That shelp, the necessary things remajor consistent; the show starts via Sookie producing somepoint delicious, Michel complaining about his ennui, and Rory getting every little thing she desires. It also establishes the relationship between Lorelei and her parents, and Lorelei and Luke. In truth, the episode ends in his diner. But where does it begin?