How to work video star

The Video Star application is an application that enables you to conveniently make videos that seem to be professionally edited. But it"s so simple to use and also has actually lots of cool special effects. Search YouTube for examples.

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The finest component is its free. It comes through tons of complimentary one-of-a-kind effects however you have the right to buy more. But trust me, also via the stuff you acquire for free you"ll have plenty to play via.

Due to the fact that its new and I"m having so much fun with it. I figured I"d make this guide to walk you with the basics of the app and also just how to use it.


When you"re prepared to make a video clip open up the application and tap the + button in the optimal best corner.

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A list of songs you have in your iTunes music folder will show up. Select the song you desire to usage.


The song will certainly start to play so you deserve to make sure it"s the song you want to use. If it is tap "OK".


Now you"ll view the electronic camera. At the bottom you"ll view the unique impacts you have the right to use. Scroll via and tap any type of unique effects you want to use or leave it on "no one-of-a-kind effect".

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Select the clock icon (left of word AutoStop). The song will certainly start to play. Let it play as long as you desire your initially clip to last. Then tap "Set". It"ll play that percent again for you to check.