For those of us that are unfortunate sufficient to have to wear specs, what carry out you tfinish to carry out on coasters? I can not wear contact lenses so that option"s out, however I would really nice to have the ability to actually SEE in the time of rides.. I"m taking a trip to PA following month and it"d be good to gain the check out from the top of Shambhala. I regularly check out civilization wearing glasses on rides however on the other hand I frequently check out glasses sitting in the safety and security nets at parks..Do any kind of of you have actually any type of nifty tricks to save glasses on?! Are any kind of rides/ride types especially bad for glasses wearers?


I impulse bought a glasses strap at Busch Gardens Tampa. I used it for that day, but it was hardly a life changer. Just been taking them off considering that unmuch less I know that the coaster will not rip them off for me.

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I know it sounds thick.. however perform you reckon tight inversion based coasters are more/much less "rip glasses off face" than hypers/introduced coaster!?


I know it sounds dense.. yet execute you reckon tight inversion based coasters are more/less "rip glasses off face" than hypers/released coaster!?
I suspect it"s the violent woodies (thinking Stampida) or coasters with several ejector wbelow it"d be the worst, I couldn"t really think something choose Shambhala would certainly be a problem. Dragon Khan would probably be fine also to be hoswarm, however you"d be ideal securing them someexactly how.
I bought my glasses strap at a sports shop, it was only a pair of quid and keeps my glasses pretty tight on my confront for riding coasters. Works for inversions, launches, all sorts of coasters really, I"ve never felt choose they were going to fall off.
I"ve constantly offered a glasses strap, accessible from any outdoors kind shop. Never before had an problem other than being made to rerelocate my glasses in Japan. The glasses strap has actually been a game changer for me, as someone that can"t wear call lenses. I can still enjoy the watch from coasters!
In concept, a properly fitting pair of glasses will not loss off from insane ejector/shaking/inversions/extreme hangtime. (Mine have not done, although I additionally wear call lenses)Alas, as CF"s resident optician I don"t lug the necessary tools via me to Lives to aid everyone via loose specs. For all those saying they don"t obtain on with contacts, I"d recommend providing some more expensive ones a go, 95% of world are suitable for contacts, however obviously it"s a balance in between budget/convenience. I fully recommend Johnkid and Johnson"s (A Family Company) Acuvue Oasys two weekly lenses. They"re fab, have actually UV defense and price on average around £20 for a month"s worth.
Thanks all, v v advantageous. I shall purchase a glasses strap!Sadly contacts for me are a no go, even the mega expensive snazzy silicone ones. A few of the medication I take makes my eyes dry as ryvita..
I used to wear a strap but my glasses are pretty tight and remain on. So I simply wear them. Ridden a few sling shots with them on, a bunch of sky coasters, including the 300 footer, crazy level rides choose thr huss topspin or the mondial topsdeserve to... Uh, and also many coasters including flyers favor Manta and Superman, Smiler at Alton.... 3 various dive devices, a bunch of EuroFighters, 3 MS Sky Loops.... I"ve never before also worried around them coming off.I guess you might simply shake your head about quick and view if they continue to be on? Or buy a sporting activities strap... A little less tacky then park brand also ones that might be large and brightly colored. Cedar Fair is the only chain I"ve visited wbelow they made me rerelocate my glasses that didnt have actually a strap and even then it was just on the inverts ( patriot and also silver bullet) and also on Dragster.
I supplied to wear eyeglasses, currently I wear contacts. When I wore glasses and rode coasters, I would certainly sindicate bfinish the ear item a tiny so it kind of bfinished about my ear. They might then conveniently bfinish ago to normal shape after. Did this for years, they never dropped off.
The initially time I ride any coaster I usually go without my glasses and also attempt to judge if it"ll be okay to wear them for rerides. I did this through Shambhala and also judged that it would be okay and alas it was. I don"t really like the look of glasses straps however as others have sassist as long as your glasses have actually been fitted effectively tright here shouldn"t be any type of problems.Definitely carry out not ride Furius Baco with glasses on - that ride is brutal and on my first go it literally shook my glasses off my face. It"s the just coaster that"s ever done this to me and I was exceptionally fortunate to have actually captured them in my hands.
My brvarious other has(had) glasses, so when he goes on a roller coaster, he just really hopes they don"t fly off. It"s operated well so far! *knocks on wood* ... retainers/I"ve supplied EK straps for a lengthy time and never come close to having actually a problem on a coaster if I cinch it tight. Kingda Ka sort of displaced them a bit, yet not also close to blowing off, and also the other rides there didn"t move them one little bit.They likewise made it through skydiving, so straps can job-related really well. I can not imagine it mattering what brand you acquire, yet I think I use their Cat Strap version.I should note that I wear sunglasses, not seeing glasses.
Thanks guys, sounds choose I may be overreasoning the DANGER. I"ll absolutely invest in one of those retainers which you have the right to tighten round the earlier of your head. Those look v excellent. Re. Furious Baco, that"s a very great allude. I"m surprised it does not dislodge bones.. Let alone glasses..
I"m quite surprised to review all this. I constantly assumed you had actually to take glasses off and it wasn"t an option to save them on. That"s been my suffer at a lot of UK parks at least.
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Yeah, weirdly, US parks do not seem to care around glasses anywhere near prefer we execute.On the 2008 US pilgrimage no park sassist anypoint - however then I lost them on the last ride of the trip on Phoenix, so I carry out wear straps or contacts currently xD But here, it"s a large no no. I execute gain it to be honest, and uncover it weird that US parks are so OK with it.

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I have the right to manage without mine and also still see fairly well (if a bit blurry) anyway so I do not think I"d take the risk.