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Sometimes you execute not want someone to affix with you and you desire to hide your actual area from them. It is difficult to fake your area through Google maps only. So, tright here are some apps occurred for this function wbelow you deserve to fake your GPS place. These place spoofing apps permits you to change your place to all over about the world. Lockito app is one of these applications produced for Android customers. It is the safest and also many trusted application easily accessible to downfill for complimentary. So, if you perform not want your friends to know your actual place, you can share a fake place through Lockito with them.

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Part 1: What is Lockito?

Lockito is an Android application available to fake your Android tool place. It lets your phone to follow the bogus course on maps. You have the right to collection a custom path between any type of two points on the map and also simulate the itinerary. Lockito app is easily accessible for complimentary and also does not call for rooting your Android tool. Because of this, Lockito is safe to downfill and also install in your Android gadget without any type of concern. One of the various other fundamental functions of this application is that you deserve to additionally simulate a static place on your phone. Lockito app allows you pretend these fake itineraries with complete regulate over the speed. The control of GENERAL PRACTITIONERS signal is additionally extremely accurate in this app in addition to the altitude regulate.


Geofencing is an essential feature in many type of Android applications. These apps use GPS or Radio Frequency Identification modern technology to generate simulated geographic limits, it enables the phone tools to trigger an answer once your phone leaves or enters any kind of specific area on the map. As such, those Android developers that develop geofencing mobile applications, they are required to test these apps. So, Lockito fake GPS allows Android developers to test their mobile applications on its platform.

Part 2: How to Use Lockito App?

Lockito application is totally free to downpack on your Android device from the Google Play Store. You can additionally conveniently downpack the Lockito apk by looking on internet and install it on your phone. Here are the step-to-step guides of how to usage Lockito on your mobile.

Tip 1: Downpack Lockito apk, then you must need to allow your Android phone to allow it to install apps from unknown resources. You have the right to carry out this easily by navigating to "Settings" and also then "Apps". Tap on the "Menu" symbol (top right), tap "Special Access" and then "Install unknown apps". Here, pick the Lockito app you simply downpack and also then tap "Allow from this source".

Tip 2: After you efficiently install the application on your Android phone, open the application. You will certainly be compelled to enable Lockito as your mock place application. To carry out so, just go to "Developer Options" in your phone settings. Tap on the "Mock place app" there and also collection Lockito as your mock place app.


Tip 3: Next, open the application again and tap the "plus" symbol to include new simulation. The map will certainly be popped out. Now, you just need to long-press everywhere on the map wright here you desire to start your Android phone to simulate. You can additionally search the place through search choice. Point A will certainly be showed up. Keep long-tapping along the route obtainable for points B, C, and also so on until you reach the last point wright here you desire simulation to finish.


Tip 4: You deserve to likewise change the speed of the simulation approximately 180 kilometers per hour. Altitude have the right to likewise be adjusted to your compelled value as well.


Step 5: You deserve to obtain extremely accurate simulation when you readjust your area method in your phone establishing to "Phone only".


Tip 6: Now tap the "Play" to start simulating your fake itinerary. And there you go, you have faked your phone location with Lockito fake GPS to somewhere else on the earth.


Now you have the right to obtain access to the various various other application with new fake allowed location from Google Play Store. You deserve to additionally share the fake place and also itinerary simulation to your friends via Google maps.

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Part 3: Key Features and also Advantages of Lockito

Lockito application offers some functions which are safe to usage and also quickly accessible.

Follow a Fake Itinerary

One of the major features of Lockito fake GENERAL PRACTITIONERS is that it allows your phone device to follow the fake route on the map almost everywhere roughly the globe. For this purpose, you just have to select even more than one number of points on Lockito map and also then tap on “play”. Please refer to the section “How to Use Lockito App” for even more details.

Simulate a Static Location

Instead of adhering to the path between points, Lockito also permits you to simulate a static place everywhere approximately the world. For this objective, you simply have to pick a solitary suggest on the map and also then tap on the "Play" choice.

Total Control of Speed, Altitude, and also GENERAL PRACTITIONERS Signal Accuracy

If you permit your phone to follow a fake itinerary, you deserve to likewise readjust the rate altitude of traveling manually. Lockito fake GENERAL PRACTITIONERS permits you to readjust the rate from 0-180 Km/h and also through a wide range of altitudes. It allows you to reap all these features with high GPS signal accuracy.


Lockito app has actually many type of benefits. You deserve to play games choose Pokemon Go without traveling physically to catch pokemons anywhere on the map. Several Pokemon Go individuals are trying to fake GPS place on their Android phone. Lockito Pokemon Go function permits you to do this. Just follow some crucial procedures listed below as without appropriate strategy you may also gain banned by faking GENERAL PRACTITIONERS location:

Disable the auto-updates of the Google Play Store and then go to “Settings > Apps > Google Play Services”, disable it and also uninstall updays.Navigate to “Settings > Security & Location > Find my device” and revolve it off. Now, tap Lockito and also run the fake simulation for the desired area. And ultimately, open Pokemon Go app, tright here have to be your new location in the game.

And recently, some Uber motorists have been captured utilizing the Lockito app to simulate the fake itinerary. Lockito has been used to manipulate the path on the map and hence they have the right to charge more from the riders.

For instance, when rider book the ride from suggest A to allude B, those vehicle drivers that usage Lockito on Uber deserve to fake the itinerary by simulating via suggest A to C to D and also so on to ultimately point B. Thus, simulation covers more distance to reach at the last destination ends up inflating charges. We plainly do not recommfinish to usage the Lockito app for this purpose.

Part 4: Limitation of Using Lockito

Although the Lockito app can be supplied safely on all kinds of Android tools without rooting your Android phone, this application has actually a limitation of not running on the iPhone operating system.

Lockito was basically developed to use on Android gadget just, therefore Lockito iOS is not easily accessible yet. However before, perhaps later developers might produce the Lockito iOS version of this application. Until then, you may usage the app recommended below for this purpose.

Part 5: An Ideal Alternative to Lockito for iOS Users - AnyTo

For those making use of iPhone, iPad and also iPod touch, Lockito app does not run on their mechanism. But you execute not need to concern as there are some apps obtainable for iOS gadget users to fake GENERAL PRACTITIONERS area. AnyTo is just one of these apps constructed for this function.

See more: How To Bypass Google Account (Frp) On Lenovo Google Account Bypass AnyTo is among the apps created for fake GENERAL PRACTITIONERS location on many iOS versions, including the iOS 14. Similar to Lockito, AnyTo permits your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch gadget to readjust the place to anywhere on the world and thus permits you to share the fake area via your friends and household.