How to unhide songs on itunes

I have 1000s of purchased songs that hid themselves randomly. Why did this occur and also just how perform I stop it from happening

again. Now I need to manually go and also unhide every album.

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This is frustrating.

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The same point happened to me, however I identified the problem. First press your name and also go to Account Info at the optimal right of iTunes

After pressing account info, kind in your ID password and also scroll down until you view iTunes in the Cloud and also under hidden purchases

press manage.

After you press manage, you will view eexceptionally single album/song you purchased. Press Unhide All at the bottom best of the home window to, well, unhide every one of the purchases

After pushing unhide all, go to My Music and everything you purchased is there, however they may not all be downloaded on your computer system so you can downfill them by pressing the cloud on each album cover

Hope I cleared this up