How to un-encrypt a flash drive

I lock my D drive by bitlocker, I deserve to unlock drive by password however cannot remove it permanently, deserve to anybody assist me to rerelocate BitLocker encryption permanently?

Summary: This short article will present you just how to rerelocate BitLocker drive encryption from the drive if you have the password and also you do not have the password.

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If you have actually the password, how to rerelocate BitLocker encryption on Windows?

If you have the password and also deserve to unlock BitLocker encrypted drive, you deserve to easily rerelocate BitLocker encryption from USB drive, pen drive, flash drive, SD card, outside tough drive with adhering to solution:

Step 1: Click Start, click Control Panel and also then click BitLocker Drive Encryption.

BitLocker Drive Encryption attribute is absent in Windows 10/8/7 Home, refer to how to disable BitLocker drive encryption in Windows 10/8/7 Home.

Step 2: Find the drive on which you want to remove BitLocker encryption and also then click Unlock drive.

Tip 3: Go into the password to unlock BitLocker encrypted drive. After BitLocker encrypted drive is unlocked, please click Turn off BitLocker in BitLocker Drive Encryption of Control Panel.


Tip 4: A message is displayed, indeveloping you that your drive will certainly be decrypted. This could take a long time, yet you can store utilizing your PC during the decryption process. Click Turn off BitLocker to continue. By completing this procedure, you have actually decrypted the drive and removed BitLocker password.

If you lost the information from BitLocker encrypted drive by a mistake, M3 Data Recovery is a experienced information recoexceptionally software which have the right to aid you a lot.

If you don"t have the password, just how to remove BitLocker encryption on Windows?

If you do not have actually the password, you need to use complying with options to unlock BitLocker encrypted drive firstly and then rerelocate BitLocker encryption from USB drive, pen drive, flash drive, exterior tough drive, SD card, and so on.

Systems 1: Unlock BitLocker encrypted drive with recoexceptionally key

If you have actually conserved the 48-digit BitLocker recoincredibly vital, simply enter the BitLocker recoextremely crucial to unlock BitLocker encrypted drive and also then go to Control Panel -> BitLocker Drive Encryption -> Unlock BitLocker encrypted drive -> Turn off BitLocker to rerelocate BitLocker encryption.

If you do not know how/wbelow to uncover shed recoextremely essential, please refer to Where/How to uncover lost 48-digit BitLocker recoextremely key?

Solution 2: Retrieve BitLocker recoexceptionally essential via BitLocker Recoexceptionally Password Viewer

If you are active catalog customers, you can usage BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer to find and check out BitLocker recovery vital that is stored in energetic brochure.

Solution 3: Crack BitLocker password through BitLocker password brute-force cracking tool

Tright here are 3 BitLocker password brute-force cracking tools: Passware Password Recovery Kit, Elcomsoft Forensic Disk Decryptor, Thegrideon BitLocker Password which can aid to unlock BitLocker encrypted drive by running an strike.

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Passware Password Recovery Kit recovers all kinds of lost or foracquired passwords for the office application files, consisting of Excel, Word, Windows 2003, XP, 2K, or NT, RAR, WinZip, Access, Outlook, BitLocker, TrueCrypt, PGP, etc.

Elcomsoft Forensic Disk Decryptor supplies forensic professionals an easy method to obtain complete real-time access to information stored in famous crypto containers. Supporting desktop computer and also portable versions of BitLocker, PGP and also TrueCrypt defense, the tool can decrypt all records and also folders stored in crypto containers or mount encrypted quantities as new drive letters for instant, real-time access.

Thegrideon BitLocker Password is an progressed password recoincredibly tool for encrypted BitLocker and BitLocker to Go volumes defended with a password. Several attacks can be queued: dictionary based, brute-force, mixed (combinations of independent dictionary, brute-pressure and also fixed parts) for exact search array setup and also fastest recoincredibly. Highly optimized code (SSE2, AVX, AVX2) and GPU (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel) utilization.

If you don"t have actually the necessary data, exactly how to rerelocate BitLocker encryption on Windows?

If you don"t have the crucial data, you can reformat BitLocker encrypted drive to rerelocate BitLocker drive encryption:

Tip 1: Right click BitLocker encrypted drive in My Computer, This PC or Disk Management.

Step 2: Select "Format..." and also set information in Format window.

Tip 3: Click "Start" to reformat BitLocker encrypted drive.

If you accidentally formatted BitLocker encrypted drive and shed the crucial information, please describe exactly how to recover shed data from formatted BitLocker encrypted drive.

How to remove BitLocker encryption from USB drive, pen drive, exterior HDD on Mac?

Step 1: Back up the crucial data: Copy documents out from BitLocker encrypted drive with M3 BitLocker Loader for Mac, describe exactly how to open BitLocker encrypted USB drive on Mac?

Step 2: Open Applications folder -> Utilities -> Disk Utility.

Tip 3: Select BitLocker encrypted drive from the left panel in Disk Utility.

Step 4: Click "Erase" on the height food selection of Disk Utility and then remove BitLocker from the particular drive.

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BitLocker recoexceptionally software application - M3 BitLocker Recovery

M3 BitLocker Recoincredibly is a experienced BitLocker recovery software program which deserve to recoup deleted documents from BitLocker encrypted drive, recuperate shed records from formatted BitLocker encrypted drive, recover lost information from damaged, inaccessible or corrupted BitLocker encrypted drive, recoup shed data after BitLocker drive encryption/decryption failed, recuperate lost papers from deleted or shed BitLocker encrypted partition, etc., but it requires the password or 48-digit BitLocker recoexceptionally essential to decrypt data from BitLocker encrypted drive.