7 Days To Die is an open human being zombie game that comes via the majority of crafting. It additionally has actually a day and also night cycle.

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The game gets really dark at night and also a flashlight will certainly come in handy. It’s likewise very bbest as of Alpha 19.3.

Here’s how you can acquire or make a flashlight in 7 Days To Die.

How to acquire a flashlight

The most evident means in acquiring a flashlight is to go scavenging for loot from structures.

You may find a pair of flashlights from there. Anvarious other method is to craft it.

You simply require:

Electrical parts x 10Scrap polymers x 4


Once you have actually a flashlight, equip it in your hand also. Press ‘F’ to begin making use of it.

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It’s very bideal yet you can’t host a gun while making use of a flashlight. You deserve to additionally try to uncover for a flashlight mod that you have the right to usage with your helmet or your gun.


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