How to turn off itunes genius

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iTunes Genius is a cool enhancement to iTunes. Genius creates great-sounding playlists automatically, and it helps you find and buy new music you'll favor based upon the music you own and listen to. However before, the iTunes Genius interface takes up room on the iTunes display, and if you don't use the function, you might desire to rotate off Genius or a related attribute dubbed the Genius Sidebar. Here's exactly how to revolve off one or both of these functions.

Instructions in this write-up use to iTunes 12, iTunes 11, and also iTunes 10 and previously. How you disable Genius relies on the variation of iTunes and also whether you use iCloud Music Library.

How to Turn off iTunes Genius In iTunes 12:

The place of the choice to revolve off iTunes Genius has actually moved in this variation compared to previously versions of iTunes, yet turning off Genius is still a issue of a few clicks.


How to Turn Off Genius in Older iTunes Versions:

To rotate off the Genius features if you have an older version of iTunes and aren't subscribed to iTunes Match or Apple Music, go to the Store food selection in iTunes and click Turn off Genius. If you execute that and want to obtain it ago, turn Genius on aobtain.

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If You Use iCloud Music Library

iTunes Match offers the iCloud Music Library feature and Apple Music to keep your music in the cloud and to make sure that your tools have access to the very same music. It's excellent, however it likewise transforms how you disable Genius. As a result, you may not see an alternative to turn iTunes Genius off. In those cases, follow these steps:

Turn off iCloud Music Library. On current versions of iTunes, go to iTunes > Preferences, then clear the iCloud Music Library examine box. On older versions of iTunes, select File > Library or Store > Turn Off iTunes Match.


The Turn Off Genius menu shows up in either File > Library or Store, depending upon the variation of iTunes. Select Turn Off Genius to disable Genius.

Hide the iTunes Genius Sidebar in iTunes 10 and also Earlier

When iTunes Genius was first presented, it contained the Genius Sidebar, which was exactly how Apple ceded its "if-you-like-that-you'll-like-this" purchase references. If you wanted to discover new music, it was an excellent enhancement.

These directions apply to iTunes 10 and previously. The Genius Sidebar no much longer exists in iTunes 11 and greater.

With iTunes Genius allowed, two butlots appear in the lower-ideal corner of the iTunes window. The Genius switch is used to make Genius develop playlists or indicate music.

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The other button is an arrowhead pointing best. If the Genius Sidebar is visible, click the Arrow to hide the sidebar.