How to transfer contacts to moto g6

Once, the procedure of transfering your contacts saved on a machine to SIM card was tough, tiring and also time-consuming. Now, it deserve to be a lot easier by utilizing your Google Account. 

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The Google Account allows us to carry the contacts from Android to Android, from Android to iOS, from Windows to Symbian and reverse. 
Go to Setups on your device, choose Accounts and uncover Google Account. If you still have not included one, now is the excellent time to perform that.
Then click your account and also and tick the option "Contacts". It must now be synchronized via the Google server. You have to repeat the exact same actions on the various other device - that way the old phone will certainly sfinish your contacts and also the new one will get them. 
Go to Contacts and choose "Move gadget contacts to". You should be able to see 2 choices - a Google Account and your gadget account (e.g. Samsung Account). Choose Google Account and also your contacts will be unified via it. 

You must follow the actions mention in the previous approaches. Additionally, once your on the iOS gadget, you need to go to Settings, then select "Mail, contacts and others" and choose (include if not included already) the Google Account. Then in the Google Account"s settings pick choice "Contacts".

Downpack the Nokia PC Suite on your computer system, affix the gadget making use of the USB cable. While making use of the regime select alternative "contacts", then "contacts" again and also lastly choose those contacts you wish to transfer. Next, click on File and then Export - your contacts must be exported to csv file. 

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Now go to Gmail and discover Contacts and choose the options Import data. Find the csv file on your computer and all your contacts need to be synchronized via your Google Account. On your new mobile phone you should make certain that the contacts are synchronized via your Google Account - that means you will certainly be able to obtain your contacts automatically. 

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How to carry the contacts making use of the Google Account in brand model?

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