How to transfer contacts from nokia to iphone

As we all recognized, iPhone is currently popular for its fashionable design and effective attributes. Many kind of Nokia phone user goes for fashion without doubt. However before, the problem likewise comes up in the meantime. How deserve to the contacts be transferred from Nokia to iPhone? Is tbelow a basic method to realize that instead of typing the contacts one by one? Owing to this, I think Mobile Transfer probably the ideal alternative.

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As an important and also reliable transfer tool, Mobile Transfer deserve to help you finish the above task in one click. If you desire to transfer various other information between iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android and Nokia, you likewise have the right to select them.

Now, let’s downfill the free and also trial variation of Mobile Transfer to have actually a try!

Tip 1. Launch the program on the computer

After downloading and also installing the Mobile Transfer regime, launch it on your computer system. Then you will certainly view the window as follow. Then click "Start" switch.


Note: To move your data through Mobile Transfer, you need to install iTunes on the computer system. But if you want to relocate contacts in between Android phone and also Nokia, you don’t must install iTunes.

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Tip 2. Connect both of your phones to computer

Now, use two USB cable to attach your Nokia phone and iPhone to your computer. Then you will see Nokia phone will be presented in the left and iPhone will be shown in the best after they detected by the application. Or you deserve to change the location once your Nokia phone is situated in the ideal by clicking "Flip" switch.

Note: For those that desire to erase unessential contacts from iPhone, you have the right to ticking off "Clear data prior to copy".


Step 3. Begin to deliver contacts from Nokia to iPhone

By default, contacts, photos and music are all noted. If you only desire to transfer your contacts, you have the right to unexamine various other information. After that, simply click "Start Copy" to permit this transport tool starts to relocate your contacts. Please remember to save your phones linked during contacts transporting.

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Well done! You have currently moved your contacts from Nokia to your iPhone. Is it so efficient and simple?

More information about Mobile Transfer:

Besides move contacts from Nokia to iPhone, the Mobile Transfer permits you to transfer text messperiods, pictures, music, videos and so on between iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android phone and Nokia in one click.