How to transfer avast license to another computer

Applies to: Transfer Asubstantial with license from an old PC to a new COMPUTER, or change the install area of Asubstantial on Windows PC.

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How Do I Transfer Alarge from an old computer system to a brand-new computer

"How carry out I move Alarge from an old computer system to one more new computer system with the license? The Asubstantial on my current old computer system is a 3-year subscription, and it’s the second year after the purchase.

Recently, I bought a brand-new computer system, and I"m wondering whether I deserve to transport Asubstantial via its license to the new COMPUTER. Does anyone know how to execute the transferring process and also relocating Ahuge to a brand-new PC without reinstallation?"

This is a actual instance that occurs to an Alarge user that write-ups his question in a forum, in search of assist. The most replies to this short article are no. To re-downpack and reinstall a brand-new variation of Avast on the brand-new PC and also add the old key may not work-related as a result of the activation mechanism provided by Avast firm.

So just how to continue making use of Alarge with your paid vital on a new computer? If you have actually the same request, stay below. By going with this page, you"ll learn just how to properly relocate Ahuge through the license to the brand-new PC or another tough drive by the aid of skilled PC deliver software.


Before you start the delivering procedure, here are some preparation jobs that you need to do prior to beginning the moving process:

1. Downpack and also install Tocarry out PCTrans on two PCs Tocarry out PCTrans recently upgraded through a feature which supports you to transport antivirus software application like Avast, AVG, and Avira to a brand-new PC or one more tough drive with the license. 

If you must transfer Avast from an old PC to a new PC, remember to install this software application on both 2 computers.

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Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

2. Activate Toperform PCTrans for limitless transfer

To encertain a smooth transporting procedure, you have to activate this software application in advance. 

Here, you can click this page to purchase an activation essential to upgrade Toexecute PCTrans to a pro version:

After the activation, you may follow the guidelines below to start the delivering procedure currently.

Transfer Asubstantial via License to A New PC

* Todo PCTrans via its COMPUTER to COMPUTER feature support you to deliver Alarge with the license to the target computer successfully. 

Go via the process, and also you"ll move Alarge with the license to your new PC:

Step 1. Run Toperform PCTrans on both PCs 

1. Install and also launch Toexecute PCTrans on both old and new PCs. On the source computer system, click "PC to PC" on the main display.


Step 2. Connect 2 PCs

Connect to tarobtain PC, input the account password, or verification code of the target COMPUTER.


Step 3. Select Antivirus software program to carry to another PC

1. On the Application section, click "Edit" and also pick the preferred antivirus software application prefer AVG, Ahuge or Avira that you desire to transport to the brand-new PC


2. After choosing antivirus software, click "Finish" to confirm and also click "Transfer" to start the transferring procedure.


Follow UP: After the moving process, follow the listed below guidelines to make Ahuge caused and occupational on your new COMPUTER.

Tip 1: Locate and also find the Avast, and run it on your new PC.

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Step 2: Click the Activation button on the regimen and finish the certifying procedure.

Tip 3: Restart PC if crucial.

After this, you have to be able to continue making use of Avast on your brand-new PC and also clearing virus, malware again.

  Free Download

Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Transfer Ahuge to A New Hard Drive, Change Install Location


If you choose to change the Alarge install area, you can usage the App Migration feature in Tocarry out PCTrans for help.

Here are the detail actions to relocate Asubstantial from C: drive to one more drive:

Step 1. Run Todo PCTrans on your PC

Go to "App Migration" and also click "Start" to proceed.


Step 2. Select programs to relocate from C drive to one more drive

1. Tick the C drive and pick programs (marked as "Yes") that you desire to deliver.

2. Click the triangle icon to pick one more drive on your computer system as the location, and also click "Transfer" to start the procedure.

Step 3. Finish the transferring

Wait patiently till the transferring procedure finishes and also click "OK" to confirm. 

When it has done, you deserve to restart COMPUTER if necessary. This will save all transforms on your PC and then you deserve to run and also programs from an additional difficult drive without reinstallation.

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Notice: When you complete the transporting procedure, if Avast calls for activation, click the Activation or Upgrade button in the regime.