How to transfer 4k video from iphone to pc

I can affix my phone using usb and move imeras from the DCIM folder yet as soon as ever before I attempt to relocate my 4k video files up to 3-5gb I gain the error that the device is not functioning.

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I feel really frustrated bereason I need to move a total of around 30-40gb of video product to my lapheight. I cant usage a cloud because my uppack rate really sucks at homey Would take me incredibly lengthy and will interrupt many kind of times.

Really would appreciate if someone knows about a solution. Thx in advance!

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1 year ago
Your phone is trying to transcode the HEVC videos right into H264, and failing. Enter Settings / Photos / TRANSFER TO MAC OR PC / —> turn on “Keep Originals”

Disattach your phone from your COMPUTER, wait about 10s, plug it ago in, and you will be able to import the movie without problem.

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It will certainly be in HEVC (h265) — but that’s full high quality from the gadget.

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Many Windows 10 makers now are able to decode it.

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Initial Poster1 year ago

Thank you for finally blessing me via the solution after failing for days and trying serveral third party applications