How to test graphics card without computer

If you're asking yourself 'what graphics card carry out I have?' however you don't understand just how to examine, right here is what you deserve to perform to discover out.

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Knowing what graphics card you have can be a bit confmaking use of, considering that there are 2 appropriate version numbers: the design of the GPU (that is, the actual chip that does the work), and also the version of the card itself (which has various other hardware like the cooler, voltage regulation module, and also so on).

Tright here are 2 major manufacturers making discrete GPUs today: Nvidia and also AMD. There are many type of other manufacturers, however, making the cards themselves—Asus, EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte—and also various other companies can create graphics cards using Nvidia and also AMD"s chips, adding their very own tweaks to set themselves apart from each other. One manufacturer"s variation might have much better fans than another, might comeoverclockedfrom the factory, or may have actually a far better warranty.

So as soon as you"re looking up what graphics card you have actually, you"ll should decide whether discovering the chipset is enough (for example, the "Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060") or whether you require the actual manufacturer and also version of your card (such as the "EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 Superclocked," which offers Nvidia"s chipset). The former is incredibly easy to discover in Windows, while the last is a little more complex.

Find Out What GPU You Have in Windows

Open the Start food selection on your PC, form "Device Manager," and also press Go into. You have to see an alternative close to the optimal for Display Adapters. Click the drop-dvery own arrowhead, and it have to list the name of your GPU appropriate tbelow. For instance, in the screenshot below, you deserve to view that I have a Radeon RX 580.

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If you aren"t sure which firm designed that chip, you have the right to right-click on it and select Properties to check out the manufacturer—in my instance, Modern Micro Devices, or AMD. (Keep in mind that Device Manager offers your graphicsdriversto determine what GPU you have actually, so if you suspect the wrong motorists might be set up, you should skip to the following area.)

Once you have actually the GPU name, you can Google around to learn even more about it, or compare it to the minimum requirements on the game you desire to play. Typically, a greater number denotes a far better card—so a game that requires an RX 580 may not run on an RX 480, which is less powerful (though tright here aresometimes methods around that).

If you"re comparing 2 cards that usage different naming schemes—like AMD"s RX 580 and also their more powerful RX Vega 56—you might have to perform a small research study to view which card is even more effective, and what the difference in price is.

Find the Manufacturer and Model Number

If, for some reason, you have to knowexactlywhat model video card you have actually, you"ll need to carry out a little more occupational.

The manufacturer is simple enough to discover through a third-party application calledSpeccy. Download the totally free version, begin it up, and click the Graphics option in the sidebar. Scroll dvery own and look for the Subseller enattempt, which must tell you that made the actual card in your PC—in my instance, Asus made this certain RX 580. (You"ll additionally be able to watch exactly how much video RAM your card has, among various other specs.)


Unfortunately, this will not tell you the precise design number, which you"ll need for, say, warranty claims. (Asus makes a couple of various RX 580 cards, and also they"ll need the exact model number to carry out support.) For that, you"ll have to either search your email for the receipt (if you bought the card online) or open up your PC up.

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In this case, uncover the graphics card, remove it, and also look at the sticker on the side—it should have actually the version number you need. You might desire to write this information down somewbelow so you don"t need to crack your PC open next time—you never understand when you can need it!

How to Buy a New Graphics Card

If you find that you need to upgrade your card, check out our list of theideal options easily accessible. Or inspect out these graphics cards for specific computing tasks and also devices. It"s constantly ideal to compare specs and also prices prior to you buy.