How to stop photos from opening when iphone is connected windows 10

If you desire to speak the Photos App from opening once you connect your iPhone to your Windows 10 computer, this overview is for you.

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But initially, let’s view why the Photos App automatically launches as soon as you affix your iPhone to your COMPUTER.

It’s the AutoPlay Feature

AutoPlay is an extremely useful Windows 10 function that kind of anticipates just how you would choose to interact with the external devices you affix to your PC.

In various other words, AutoPlay scans your iPhone and also assumes you desire to view, edit, or download the media papers and photos stored on the phone. That’s why the Photos App pops up on the display.

But viewing or transporting your photos and media papers might not be what you desire to carry out on that day. Maybe you’re the type of user that never before imports any photos from their phones to their computers.

Proccasion Windows Photos App From Launching When Connecting Your iPhone

Method 1: Disable AutoPlay from Settings

One of the quickest solutions to prevent Photos from opening is to sindicate disable AutoPlay.

Go to the Windows search bar and type autoplay.Then double-click on AutoPlay Settings.If you want to entirely disable AutoPlay, toggle off Use AutoPlay for all media and devices.


To connumber AutoPlay for your iPhone only, scroll dvery own to Apple iPhone. Click on the drop-dvery own menu. Select Take no action.


Once this establishing allowed, Photos will no much longer launch instantly once you affix your iPhone.

Choose an Action for Memory Cards

To further develop how your computer system behaves when you affix a device through a memory card, such as a phone or digital video camera, follow the measures listed below.

Under the Memory card choice, click the drop-dvery own menu.You will certainly be presented through 5 options:
Import photos and videos (Photos). This will certainly automatically launch the Photos application once you affix your phone.Play (Windows Media Player). The Media Player will certainly launch if AutoPlay detects tbelow are video records stored on the memory card.Take no activity.

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Select this alternative if you don’t desire any type of program to open as soon as you affix your gadget to the PC.Open folder to see papers (Documents Explorer). This option will display all the folders stored on your exterior tool.Ask me eincredibly time. Windows 10 will certainly prompt you to pick an activity every time you attach a memory card tool to your computer system.

Choose an Action for Removable Drives

You have the right to likewise set up individual settings for removable drives.

Under Removable drive, click on the drop-down food selection.You’ve got four alternatives you can choose from:
Take no action. In other words, nothing happens once you attach your outside device to your computer system.Open folder to check out records (File Explorer). The Data Explorer will present you what folders it discovered on the removable drive.Ask me eincredibly time. Your COMPUTER will prompt you to pick an activity eincredibly time you plug in a removable drive in the USB port.Configure storage settings. This alternative permits you to put up particular storage settings.

Method 2: Disable AutoPlay in the Regisattempt Editor

You deserve to also turn off AutoPlay utilizing the Regisattempt Editor.

Type regedit in the Windows search bar.Launch the Registry Editor.Follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAutoplayHandlers.
Under the AutoPlayHandlers folder, locate the DisableAutoPlay crucial.Double-click the crucial.Edit its worth from 0 (zero) to 1.
Then save the transforms and also rebegin your computer.

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The Photos application should no much longer pop up on the screen once you attach your iPhone to your Windows 10 computer.