How to stop kik from saving pictures

"Hi everyone, I want to retain the memory of beautiful Kik moments and also funny chat history. Is there any kind of method or straightforward ways to conserve Kik photos?"

Everyone wants to capture the beautiful Kik conversation, consisting of videos, pictures, messperiods, and also chat background. Kik is a popular messenger app for Android, ios, and Windows phones. Although the app is a lot convenient and also useful, still some human being prefer a newbie or bit tech-savvy wanders about conserving Kik photos. Thus, we have decided to introduce you with the ideal and also simple two ways to conserve Kik photos either by using an inconstructed attribute or any type of third-party tool.

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Part 1: How to Save Kik Photos?

Part 2: Wright here are Kik Photos Stored on the Phone?

Part 3: Save Kik Photos through

Part 1: How to Save Kik Photos?

As stated above, if you want to conserve Kik photos, tright here are nearly two methods to carry out that via the Kik application itself. Let’s discuss each one by one in the complying with sections.

Download Kik photos

The download option is the quickest way to conserve your photos. Locate the photo you desire to downpack, press, and hold it in complete screen. Then, click the Downfill arrowhead current on the top-appropriate corner in the Kik app. Conversely, you can take a screenshot for conserving photos and usage screen recording attribute for conserving videos.


Saving on Kik

If you wish to conserve Kik photos straight on the app, then think about the adhering to four steps to meet the purpose.

Step 1: Open Kik app

Open Kik Messenger, log in with your credentials and click OK.


Step 2: Open Chat

Open the chat conversation having that image that you wish to conserve or download. So, open up it by simply clicking on the feed.


Step 3: Press the photo

Press and also hold the Kik photo you desire to save. A pop up will appear on the display, after which you need to click Save and inevitably save the picture. As you tap, it will certainly get conserved to the cam roll of your phone.


Also, think about updating the Kik app; otherwise, you won"t be able to downpack or conserve the photo.

Part 2: Wright here are Kik Photos Stored on the Phone?

It is a usual question that “Wright here are Kik photos stored?” However, the answer to the question is rather straightforward and also comes in two means.

Firstly, if you selected the option to conserve the image from the Kik application itself, you deserve to uncover your imperiods in the DCIM folder or Gallery.

The same is the case for the download alternative. You can view the downloaded photo in the gallery section of your phone.

And, ultimately, if you have taken a picture from the Kik app, you will certainly find the photo is screenshots folder.

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If you are facing any difficulty in finding the saved Kik photos, you can be dealing with any type of of the complying with situations.

The Kik photos will certainly get automatically deleted if:

•Kik app deleted•Kik account logged out•Log in Kik account via various device•Kik app information folder gets full•Kik account deactivated•Full phone’s internal storage

So, do check if any of the situations persist in your situation.

Part 3: Save Kik Photos via - WhatsApp Transfer software application made by Technology correctly perdevelops transfer, backup, and reclaim function. The software program offers the the majority of convenient and also efficient solution to move, repair, or backup your Kik information. Since it supports a user-friendly interconfront, you deserve to easily connect either to your iPhone or Android and easily transfer the records stored in Kik. At the same time, you won’t be facing any kind of compatibility issues while making use of the Kik app.

You deserve to do even more than simply a WhatsApp carry on the software application. Other social media messaging apps that the software supports are, Kik, Viber, Line, and also WeChat.

Now, let us look at the actions you should follow for the function.

Step 1: Launch

First of all, launch the software onto your Windows or Mac and tap ‘WhatsApp Transfer’ from the residence switch. And, secondly, affix your iOS or Android tool to the computer.


Step 2: Select Kik module

Now, that you desire to transfer Kik information, then go and also choose ‘Kik’ from the provided options out tbelow concerning the Kik application.


Tip 3: Back up Kik

The software will automatically detect the linked tools. Click the Start button, and also it will instantly back up all your Kik information, including messages, photos, videos, and so on to the connected tool.


Tip 4: Rekeep Kik messages

It will take just a few minutes to restore the Kik information. Once the over procedure gets finished, you will receive a notification that you deserve to now safely rerelocate the devices.



Hopefully, this would certainly be your first and last overview on learning methods to save Kik photos. Well, we have actually additionally gave a bonus by giving a tip around restoring and also backing up your Kik information.

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Also, carry out not foracquire to attempt out the ideal app for conserving Kik photos. By utilizing this third-party tool from, you deserve to easily, easily, and also properly execute the processes without losing the top quality of your imperiods.