How to stop autohotkey script

Update: addressed, yet a more general solution may still be useful for future people who may check out this question. I luckily put the manuscript on my desktop computer, so mousing over the manuscript ran it, and I had the ability to rearea the present circumstances via an instance that hadn't began clicking yet.

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I'm new to AHK. The way I generally number out how stuff functions is by experimenting, yet that's obtained me really screwed right currently. I made a script that spams left click 100 times per second IIRC, but my vital to sheight it doesn't work-related. I currently have a script running and also no noticeable way to stop it, because I can't really use my mouse. Can I get it to stop without turning my computer system off?


Eexceptionally manuscript I compose has some type of hotkey to sheight the manuscript. - True panic button - Sheight and also begin. Many my scripts start with Pausage as their first instruction, through a hotkey set to Pausage to speak and also begin the script - If you require the manuscript to restart from the beginning. Good while modifying a script


Almeans constantly always ALWAYS incorporate a kill switch with your scripts.

Have something like +Esc::ExitApp in your manuscript so you have the right to shift+escape out of any kind of manuscript that locks you out of controlling it.

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And you're not an idiot. You made a mistake that damn near eincredibly single perchild on this sub has actually made.

You'll have to pressure quit AHK, yet that might prove tough if you have a rogue mouse clicking amethod. I wonder if you have the right to unplug the mouse and also it will kill the script?

I always put f12 as my repack manuscript. it acts as a way to quit and also a method to repack the manuscript to quickly test it.

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if you want to quit us exitapp instead so:


This is for helping human being learn AHK and also programming principles in general. Make certain you review the sticky article before posting as it has actually some good info in it.Don't forgain to encompass your code, format it, and also if possible, please encompass what the meant input and output will be.