Have you ever wondered how rodeo cowboys look so crisp and also stylish? I mean, their uniform is jeans and also a long-sleeved western shirt, not a suit and also tie. Yet, they simply seem to wear it so well.

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The key is in the starch.

If you have actually ever before taken your garments to a dry cleaner to have them starched and pressed, you understand just exactly how great you feel in them as soon as you put them on. That crease instantly proves that you care about your appearance and a rumpled old wrinkly shirt or jeans right out of the dryer are simply not acceptable.

While there is nopoint better than obtaining your freshly heavy-starched jeans ago from being pressed at the cleaners (the sort you have to practically peel acomponent with a pry bar to obtain your legs into them), you can attain a comparable result at residence. If you’re short on time, short on cash, or simply have yet to uncover a place that truly understands what “heavy-starch” indicates, you might desire to attempt this strategy.

1.) Make the starch: Yes, you deserve to buy spray starch in a deserve to, yet this method is cheaper, conveniently tweaked to suit your needs and also a spray bottle via a cause on it is far less complicated on your finger than an aerosol can for the amount of spraying you will most likely be doing.

Recipe: 1 cup water, 1-2 tablespoons corn starch, put in a spray bottle and shake…intensely.

Note: The even more starch you usage, the stiffer your clothes, however this can additionally result in “starch flakes” or white spots. To prevent this, I would certainly recommend boiling the starch and also water initially and/or as one commenter stated placing a pillowcase between your iron and also clothing. Also, proceed to shake the bottle as you are working through it to stop having actually your starch work out on the bottom.


2 simple ingredients…plus a spray bottle from the 90s.

2.) Fold the jeans: Hold your jeans from the bottom with the seams emotional on each leg, so the crease will certainly finish up front and also facility on your leg. Lay your jeans out level on the ironing board.


As you have the right to watch, these are super wrinkly. Don’t mind the foxtail hanging on the wall.

3.) Iron and also starch the jeans: Lay one leg at a time on the ironing board, founding with the inside of the leg. Spray the entire inside leg via starch, iron, then flip over and carry out the exterior of the leg. When you have actually finiburned the inside and also exterior of one leg, spray and iron the height of your jeans, front and also earlier, by slipping them over the narrow finish of your ironing board. Then repeat the same sequence via the various other leg.


Spray fairly a little bit of starch on your jeans. Don’t organize ago. We want these babies stiff.


This is the outside of the pants leg – short article ironing. Those lines are not wrinkles. That is art.


Front pocket area.


This is the blingy earlier pocket – more art. Be mindful not to damage any kind of sparkly points with the iron. Guys, I don’t recommfinish these jeans for you. Scroll on.

4.) Dry the jeans: Now that you have finimelted ironing, you’ll want to lay the jeans level on your board to dry prior to hanging them up on a hanger. If you hang them up wet, you will end up via an indentation from the hanger. You deserve to view in the picture listed below a little bump from wbelow I hung them up and then decided to lay them ago down. If you don’t have actually time to let them dry, just put them on wet. The form won’t hold almost as well, however you understand you’re going to perform it anymethod, so go ahead.


Freshly starched jeans

A few tips: The more starch you use, the stiffer the fabric will be, but as discussed over, you deserve to additionally finish up through starch flakes on your towel from using also much starch. You may should experiment a couple of times to determine the amount of starch that works ideal for you and your jeans. You deserve to also attempt mixing your starch via boiling water to aid it disresolve better (just be certain to let it cool prior to pouring it in your spray bottle – you don’t want to destroy your spiffy hair spray bottle from the 90s).

Use a washable towel cover on your ironing board as starch can make it really sticky and gunky, so you’ll desire to wash it before ironing clothing that you aren’t starching. Better yet, store two sepaprice covers on hand also.

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Not only does starching fabric aid it keep its shape and look better much longer, it likewise assists in repelling dirt and stains, which is absolutely a plus as soon as you are playing in the dirt all day.