Borderlands 2 VR has actually an inwell known difficulty wbelow you can not skip the intro movies as soon as you produce a brand-new character at the initially begin of the new game, and also you have to wait for about 7 minutes till your following UI interactivity is easily accessible. How to disable these intro cutscene movies completely?


Locate the WillowGameMovies folder in your Borderlands 2 VR installation brochure and also kind by file dimension. The biggest papers here are our offenders:

MegaIntro.bik - 441 MBAttract.bik - 227 MB

Simply rename them to something various other than their original file names, prefer _MegaIntro.bik, and the game will skip them via no problems. Tbelow is no have to copy the smallest .bik file and also rename it to match these names, as some other guides indicate, because there will be no difficulty anyway, and also you don"t want to watch Angel"s face unnecessarily.

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And to rate up the game startup you can also disable these 3 game logo design clips:

NVidia.bik2K_logo design.bikGearbox_logo.bik

By the way, this additionally works for consistent Borderlands 2, and should likewise occupational for all various other games in the series, considering that they all usage the exact same engine.


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