42. Your dad's the energizer bunny isn't he? Due to the fact that you are save talking and also talking!

43. Oh how I wish I were deaf!

44. My earphone got noise cancellers

45. Your mommy need to be so proud of your social skills

46. Do you choose the sound of your on voice?

47. You are rather a chatter box.

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48. Somebody forgain to mute that loudspeaker

49. My ears are taunting me!

50. Is that way! You Punish


52. Do you breathe?

53. I'd hate to hear you in your sleep, no offence.

54. Wright here is my surgeon knife? I just desire to check your vocal chords.

55. That’s why I review summary in the background book.

56. Volume demands to go off.

57. Do me favor! You have the right to carry out this in front of my enemies.

58. Is it Talk Sexactly how. I wanna passist for this.

59. Cut the Crap or I will carry out it for you.

60. Okay, I love in all, but sufficient is enough!

61. Umm, not to be rude, but I really don't care!

62. I have to have actually brought a blanket.

63. Do you setup on preventing anytime soon?

64. At this price, Haley's comet will certainly be here in no time!

65. I think you might break the people record for civilization longest talker!

66. This is new Gunnies World Record for Talking!

67. Just stop!

68. All I hear is jibber jabber!

69. It just goes in one ear in out the various other anyway?

70. Give me S, Give me H, Give me U, Give me T and also then include UP!

71. You need to obtain PhD for Talking

72. Oh how I wish I were deaf!

73. Oh to be Helen Keller!

74. Have you drunk magic water?

75. Is pleading really going to be necessary?

76. I examine is there any kind of remuneration of damage due to constant hearing

77. Are you practicing for Gold medal in Olympics for Talking?

78. Can I reduced you off ideal there?

79. You recognize I am simply going to forobtain everything anymeans right?

80. I need three tapes to document this a lot.

81. Hush up!

82. That’s why I love pets. Due to the fact that they don’t make unnecessary noise.

83. Do you take drugs prior to you start talking?

84. These telephone operators talk also much.

85. I just around enough of your incessant jabbering!

86. Do you have an off button?

87. Talk to yourself, not me.

88. Talk to my hands, not me.

89. Really? You still desire to talk.

90. Your driving me nuts through all the talky!

91. How is it humanly possible to talk that much?

92. I'm sorry what? I routed out the last hour, sorry!

93. Just bereason you have actually no life. That doesn't expect I am going to waste mine, listening to you!

94. Could you wrap this up? Please!

95. I think I hear my mom calling.

96. Sorry I gained speak to from my Ex.

97. Happy! Want to say anypoint more

98. Soptimal talking to me! Please! I will certainly carry out anypoint.

99. Do I have to pay ransom? To zip your mouth.

100. Finished?

101 That’s it.

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Chicken Tendies on May 29, 2020:

lmfaoo!!! it works!!!!

johnmariow on March 17, 2019:


Saj Daniel on March 24, 2018:

i indicate you revolve that play button on you mouth to a soptimal and then record

Mabns on February 15, 2018:

We have the right to sing together, can't talk together.

Kip Messer on November 27, 2017:

Close the sphinctor hole in your challenge, your stinking up the place

qjb on February 22, 2016:

bruh that was funny likewise i am regarded fetty wap

ya baby


jakai on February 22, 2016:

my sister talks method also much so i will be making use of that information and also that was funny

Hehe on May 01, 2014:

You forgained this one:

Aww you look so pretty as soon as you close you lips. You must perform it more often

Samspeaks on April 13, 2013:

your not waiting for the exact same bus as I am,are you?

paldn on May 26, 2012:

hahah good !!!

Alexander Thandi Ubani from Lagos on July 29, 2011:

Hilarious! Funny is an understatement. I laughed throught. You ve done well

Jennuhlee from Pennsylvania on July 28, 2011:

lol, brilliant:>

KMattox from USA on July 11, 2011:

That was funny! How around Ahhhh Shadddup!

annieloulaurel on June 11, 2011:

Good thinking! What a nice concept to learn.

Erica Sanchez from The golden state on April 27, 2011:

This was hillarious I was laughing all the way with had actually my mascara running!!! Thanks Hemu

MrDSpade2 on April 27, 2011:

Yeah, that was funny as hell, yet 43 and also 72 have something in common, excellent hub though, thehemu.

thehemu (author) from New Delhi, India on April 25, 2011:

many thanks Randy for adding more spice and also seasonings and thanks Nell for reading.

Randy Behavior from Near the Ocean on April 24, 2011:

My daughter is a chatter box. I've been well-known to say these:

Ding! your turn is up.

O.K. Chatty Cathy its time to reduced your string.

Hon you're not gonna have actually any type of words left for tomorrow.

Silence is golden... seriously I'll pay you.

Nell Rose from England also on April 24, 2011:

Hi, really funny, thanks nell

Millenium on April 15, 2011:

Good ones! I enjoyed this hub.

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thehemu (author) from New Delhi, India on April 13, 2011:

love to talk on shutting many type of abnoxious thing. But currently i am working on shutting up my semester gorganize. XD

neeleshkulkarni from new delhi on April 13, 2011:

we should fulfill and also have a longgggggggggggggg conversation on shutting up FAST.LOLLLL

thehemu (author) from New Delhi, India on April 11, 2011:

many thanks offeritem,

offeritem on April 11, 2011:

This was entertaining.

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