On the iPhone, to present the percentage of battery left, I have the right to go into Setups > General > Usage and also toggle "Battery Percentage" on.

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My daughter"s iPod touch does not have a Usage category. Is tright here a method on the iPod touch to display the battery percentage?



No iPod Touches have the right to present the battery percentage at the optimal of the display screen (unmuch less you jailbreak them). Tbelow are apps in the App Store that will display the battery portion once you run them, however obviously not all the time.

There"s a conversation threview here: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthcheck out.php?t=1013295


If you would favor your your iPod to tell you your battery level as a percent go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple-click Home, and pick "Toggle VoiceOver". After you are done, go to your house display and also triple click the house button. VoiceOver will certainly activate. Then tap the battery symbol. VoiceOver will certainly say the battery portion aloud. To turn VoiceOver off, triple click the home switch again.

This will just job-related on 3rd-gen or newer iPod touches and also iPhone 3GS or newer.



If your charging an iPod Touch the lock display will present the current battery portion briefly once turned on while charging.

Connect functioning charger percentage should show on display screen.

Press power button to lock

Press home or power switch once

Watch for battery percent to display under large existing time.

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