How to set sd card as default storage on android

Is your Android device low on space? If your phone has a MicroSD card slot, you have the right to usage it to expand your space for music, movies or even apps, many thanks to the enhanced SD card attributes in Android 6.0 Marshmpermit.

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This appears prefer a huge change for Google. After shunning SD card slots in Nexus gadgets and also recommending manufacturers continue to be amethod from exterior storage, Android is now start to better assistance them.

Portable vs. Internal Storage

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Tright here are two means to use an SD card with your gadget. In the past, Android has actually traditionally supplied all SD cards as portable storage. You can remove the SD card from the device and plug it into your computer or another gadget and transport files, prefer videos, music, and also photos, back and forth. Your Android device will proceed working effectively if you remove it.

Starting through Android 6.0 Marshmallow, though, some phones deserve to use SD cards as interior storage as well. In this case, your Android device “adopts” the SD card as component of its inner pool. It’ll be treated as component of your inner storage, and Android deserve to install apps to it and also conserve application data to it. In reality, since it’s taken into consideration internal storage, any type of application deserve to be mounted to the SD card–consisting of apps that carry out widgets and background processes. Unchoose older versions of Android, it doesn’t issue whether the developer has disabled the “relocate to SD card” permission or not.

However, once you usage an SD card as internal storage, Android formats the SD card in such a method that no other device can check out it. Android also expects the embraced SD card to constantly be present, and won’t job-related fairly best if you remove it. This method is helpful if your phone doesn’t come via very a lot space to start through, and you want more room for your apps and also files.

In basic, it’s probably the majority of convenient to leave MicroSD cards formatted as portable storage. if you have a little amount of interior storage and also desperately require room for even more apps and also app information, making that microSD card inner storage will permit you to gain some even more inner storage. This comes at the price of versatility and also possibly sreduced speed, if the card is slower than your device’s interior storage.

How to Use an SD Card as Portable Storage

Let’s say you desire to usage your SD card or flash drive as portable storage–to watch a movie on your device, or to offload photos and videos that are taking up as well much space.

Insert the card it into the microSD slot on your gadget. You’ll watch a notice indicating your SD card or USB drive was detected. If it’s an SD card, you’ll check out a “Set Up” switch.

Our screenshots say “USB drive”, but this process functions the exact very same for SD cards.

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You have the right to then select “Use as portable storage,” and also you’ll keep all the documents on your gadget.


To watch the contents of the drive, tap the “Explore” switch in the alert that shows up afterwards. You have the right to likewise head to Setups > Storage & USB and also tap the name of the drive. This will certainly open Android’s brand-new file manager, enabling you to watch and also control the records on the drive. You have the right to additionally use various other file manager apps, of course.

The “Eject” switch permits you to safely rerelocate the drive.

How to Adopt a MicroSD Card as Internal Storage

If you setup on adopting an SD card as interior storage, you’ll want to first encertain you’re making use of a speedy SD card. Not all SD cards are equal, and also a less expensive, slower SD card will sluggish down your apps and phone. It’s much better to pay a few additional bucks for some rate. When adopting an SD card, Android will test examine its speeds and also warn you if it’s as well sluggish and also will certainly negatively impact your performance.

To carry out this, insert the SD card and also select “Setup.” Choose “Use as internal storage.”

NOTE: Android will certainly erase the contents of the drive, so be sure you’ve backed up any information on it.

You have the right to then select to relocate photos, records, and also some apps to the new gadget, if you favor. If not, you can select to move this data later. Head to Setups > Storage & USB, tap the drive, tap the menu switch, and select “Migrate information.”


How to Change Your Mind

You’ll likewise see the storage device in the Setups application. Open the Settings app, tap the “Storage & USB” alternative, and you’ll see any type of external storage devices show up right here.

To revolve a “portable” SD card into inner storage, choose the tool below, tap the menu switch in the top-appropriate edge of your display, and pick “Setups.” You can then use the “Layout as internal” choice to change your mind and adopt the drive as component of your device’s interior storage. This will erase the contents of the drive, so be mindful and encertain you have actually every little thing backed up first.

To make an “internal” SD card portable so you have the right to rerelocate it from your device, visit Settings > Storage & USB, tap the device’s name, tap the food selection button, and tap “Style as portable.” This will erase the contents of the SD card, yet you’ll have the ability to use it as a portable tool after that.

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Android’s enhanced assistance for MicroSD cards is nice, however you’re probably much better off through speedy internal storage than a MicroSD card formatted to attribute as internal storage. That SD card will most likely be a bit slower.