The machine's paper size need to be collection to Letter or A4. You have the right to just make one color copy at a time. You cannot usage the Watermark Copy, Publication Copy, Sort, 2-sided Copy, Thin Paper Copy, Ink Save Mode, Enlarge/Reduce, and also Remove Background Color settings with the 2in1 (ID) function.

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To use your machine's 2 in 1 ID Copying function, follow these steps:

Place your identification card confront dvery own close to the upper-left edge of the scanner glass. 3 mm (0.12 in.)or better (optimal, left)

216 mm (8.5 in.)

140 mm (5.5 in.)

scannable area

(Copy). Get in the number of copies: Press - or + on the Touchscreen. Press the variety of duplicates to screen the keyboard on the Touchdisplay, and then enter the variety of duplicates utilizing the Touchscreen. Press OK.

Press Options > Page Layout > 2in1 (ID). Read and also confirm the presented list of settings you have actually schosen, and also thenpress OK. Press Black (Mono) Start or Color (Colour) Start. The machine starts scanning one side of the identification card. After the machine has scanned the first side, press Yes. Turn over the identification card and press OK to sdeserve to the various other side.

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