Users can shave the right to suspect documents with Google Drive cloud. It preserves you versus damaging virsupplies, malware and permits to safeguard your indevelopment. Tright here is one solution to sdeserve to Google Drive for virprovides which is the usage of a Virus Scanner through Google Drive. This application is a safe virus scanner to detect virsupplies or spyware on your files without the installation of antivirus software application. It protects you against damaging virprovides, malware, and also spyware to enable you to preserve secure private indevelopment. In this short article, we will overview you to sdeserve to Google Drive for viruses.

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Shave the right to Google Drive for Viruses

To scan Google Drive for viruses, follow this procedure step by step:

Open Google. Type Virus Scanner via Google Drive in the search bar, the following screen will appear:


As Virus Scanner with Google Drive is opened up, now click Visit Website switch. Once you will certainly click the button, the following display screen will certainly appear:


Now click the button called Select files from Google Drive. As you will click the button, the following option will certainly appear:


Now click the button named Login & Authorize. It will certainly ask you to login via Google Drive. As you will enter the login details, the adhering to display screen will appear:


All records of Google Drive will certainly show up on the display.

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Select any type of one file which you desire to sdeserve to and also click the Select switch, as the above picture is mirroring.

After selecting the records, they will certainly appear in the text area. Click Start Virus Scan switch to scan schosen papers as follows:


As you will click the Start Virus Scan switch, the following progress log will appear:



By adhering to this procedure, you will have the ability to scan Google Drive for virsupplies.