I visited translation and also uncovered 3 diffrent ways to say "never mind".I"m really puzzled please assist me out.

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What confprovides you? That tbelow is even more than one way to expush a thought?

Probably one factor why you uncovered numerous different means of expressing it is that the expression have the right to have a number of nuances of interpretation.

never before mind=foracquire about it

never before mind=don"t bother

never mind=never-the-less

and so on.

So why would you be puzzled that there are numerous methods to translate it?

Were "no te preocupas" and "Es igual" among your choices?

For never before mind you can say: ¡pasa nada!

If negative words prefer nada, nadie, nunca show up after the verb, you must add "no" before the verb:

¡No pasa nada!

If these words show up prior to the verb, the "no" cannot be supplied.

many thanks for that, I realised later on that i should of shelp that, hope Sparkles has actually viewed your correction, - kenwilliams, AGO 13, 2009

The expression "no hay de q" is only used after thanks. Rather than "never mid", it would certainly be a kid of "do not point out it".

Me gusta a usar "Es igual." o "¡No pasa nada!" Con mi esposa y niños.


What about "no hay de que". So as you deserve to check out sparkles many type of ways to expush a believed, simply as in English. Wouldn"t publications or conversation be boring if we just provided one saying or phrase.

I offered to usage "nunca mente", since it appeared favor a literal translation of "never before mind". No idea how that sounded, but I"ve long given that switched to "no importa."

BlockquoteThe expression "no hay de qué" is only supplied after many thanks. Rather than "never mid", it would certainly be a child of "do not mention it"

Could one not say "No hay de qué preocuparte" (or would it need to be "No hay por qué preocuparte" or (I hope not) some other different that does not even take place to me?

Lazarus said

The expression "no hay de qué" is just provided after many thanks. Rather than "never before mind", it would certainly be a kind of "don"t mention it".

Thanks.I thought of do not mention it however I was additionally thinking along the lines, "I forgot to give thanks to you for the birthday card", reply "never before mind or do not point out it". But this of course has the word say thanks to in it. Any method, correction duly listed, hehe.

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