How to say Hello in Bulgarian Language

When you land up in the places where you don’t recognize the local language then it’s hard to interact. You need to at leastern recognize exactly how to say hello in Bulgarian language to start convariation. A very basic Bulgarian greeting is hello. It"s fun to compare Bulgarian vs Spanish greetings

Hello in Bulgarian language is Здравейте (Zdraveĭte). It’s interesting to learn various Bulgarian greetings. Hello is the Bulgarian greeting which is suitable in any kind of formal or informal situation. Here you have the right to likewise examine more About Bulgarian Language.

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Discover How to say Thank you and Sorry in Bulgarian

In any kind of language it’s important to learn how to say thank you and sorry in Bulgarian. Find some prevalent phrases in Best Languperiods to Learn listed below. Thank you in Bulgarian is Благодаря ти (blagodarya ti) and also Sorry in Bulgarian is Съжалявам (Sãžaljavam). Bulgarian greetings such as thank you and sorry are provided in formal instances.

Good Morning & Good Night in Bulgarian

Want to wish Good Morning & Good Night in Bulgarian? The Bulgarian greetings like “Good Morning” or “Good Night” are useful to impush or capture attention of anyone approximately you. By making use of Bulgarian greetings, we are showing respect to others in a very efficient way. Good Morning in Bulgarian is Добро утро (Dobro utro) and also Good Night in Bulgarian is Лека нощ (Leka nošt). To know even more on equivalent greetings in other languages examine Bulgarian vs Chinese, Bulgarian vs Spanish, Bulgarian vs French.

Bye in Bulgarian

Get to know below what is bye in Bulgarian. Bye in Bulgarian language is Довиждане (Doviždane). In some langueras, they say bye and also in some they say good-bye.

Other Bulgarian Greetings

Bulgarian greetings help to interact in different areas at miscellaneous cases. Here are some other Bulgarian greetings which will certainly be helpful while interacting in Bulgarian.

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How are you in Bulgarian is Как си? (Kak si?). Please in Bulgarian is Моля (Molja). Good Afternoon in Bulgarian is Добър ден (Dobãr den). Good Night in Bulgarian is Лека нощ (Leka nošt). I Love you in Bulgarian is Обичам те (Običam te). Excuse me in Bulgarian is Извинете ме (Izvinete me).