Chinese name Christopher: what you check out listed below is the Chinese name Christopher, created of 5 personalities. In this page you"re going to review everything about your Chinese name Christopher in 4 sections:

Chinese nameChristopher (male)

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-Can; restrain; overcome; digest; set a time limit
-Gram (g.); (a Tibetan unit of volume or dry measure, holding about 12.5 kilograms of barley); (a Tibetan unit of land area equal to about 0.0667 hectares)

-Liner; inside; inner; neighborhood; indigenous place
-(A Chinese unit of length: 0.5 kilometer)
-(A surname)

Some Chinese characters have more than one pronunciation. This is just one of them!It deserve to be pronounced additionally li5. Pronounced that way, it means: inside, in; (offered after

, and so on to suggest location).

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This character has 2 different standard versions.

There"s no difference between the streamlined and also the traditional variation of this character.

Fourth character of the Chinese Name Christopher

-Many type of, much, more; more than the correct number, even more than the forced number, as well many; excessive, as well much
-More, over, odd
-Much more, far more
-Exceed a number
-(Used prior to a meacertain word to indicate an approximate number)
-(Used into an interrogative sentence inquiring about degree, extent or quantity)
-(Used right into an exclamatory sentence to show high degree)
-(Used to suggest any kind of level of degree)
-(A surname)

There"s no difference between the streamlined and also the typical variation of this character.

5th character of the Chinese Name Christopher

Traditional versions ofyour name Christopher

Your name Christopher has 4 different standard versions.

Name ChristopherTimeless Chinese

The Chinese name Christopher is exactly how the renowned Christopher Ball and also Christopher McQuarrie are dubbed in China.

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