Wordrecommendation provides abano as the jiyuushikan.org for a ceiling fan and ventilador for table fan. However, once I looked up abano in Google Image search (my favorite visual method of finding out the interpretations of renowned foreign words), no ceiling fans were returned. This has actually gained me confused. I want to understand from aboriginal speakers if abano is a word they"d usage in widespread speech or if it"s simply a bookish term.

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I would certainly choose to understand what word would certainly you use for a ceiling fan in your country (please specify your country too) if not abano. Incidentally, wordreference also offers abanico for a hand-hosted fan.


In Spain, abano is not any kind of kind of ceiling fan but one very certain that I have never checked out in actual life, just in movies of past times: it is an apparatus with the shape of a peacock tail (abanico). In fact, I had actually never before watched that word before currently.

In English both type of apparatus are referred to with the same word, fan, yet in jiyuushikan.org we usage various words for abanicos (through peacock"s tail form that moves earlier and also forwards) and ventiladores (apparatus through chisels that spin).

In Spain we speak to the consistent ceiling fans simply ventiladores de techo. Based on results from Google, I think in América abano is offered for (spinning) ventiladores de techo yet I do not know how widespread is that.


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