How to save as docx

Microsoft presented a brand-new default file type through Office 2007 that adjusted the traditional Word document form from .doc to .docx. It added some brand-new functions to the document and enhanced the forms of edits that you might make. Unfortunately it additionally made it much harder to collaborate on records through world that were still making use of earlier versions of Word. While they did release a compatibility pack that addressed this concern, not everyone was able to downfill it, or was even conscious that it existed. But one way to ensure that users of the older versions of Word will certainly still be able to check out your files is by learning just how to save as .doc instead of .docx by default in Word 2010. This is a readjust that you deserve to apply to the regime that will immediately save your records in the .doc format.

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While this is much less of a concern currently that it was during the initial shift period, you can be interested in reducing any kind of possible complications that can aclimb as soon as you have a varied audience that is trying to read your job-related. So proceed reading below to check out just how to readjust the default file kind in Word 2010.

Save as .doc By Default in Word 2010

Like many of the various other interesting settings that exist in Office 2010, this one is discovered on the Options food selection that you have the right to accessibility from the File tab. And you are not just restricted to .doc or .docx as the default file type, either. You deserve to additionally pick to save to any type of of the various other compatible Word 2010 file forms as well, such as .txt or .html. But continue reading to learn how to begin making use of .doc as your default file kind in Word 2010.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Word 2010.

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Tip 2: Click the File tab at the top-left edge of the window.


Tip 3: Click Save As in the left column.

If you were functioning with an original file in the .docx file form, then this is going to create a brand-new copy of the file with the .doc file form. It will certainly not overcompose or relocation the original file.

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Is tbelow a form of record that you create a lot in Word, and you are searching for a way to make the procedure a small quicker? Learn exactly how to create a file theme in Word 2010 and save yourself the hassle of constantly re-applying settings and formatting choices eincredibly time you produce one among these kinds of records.