How to rotate videos on facebook

As one of the many famous social netfunctioning solutions roughly the world, Facebook brings us several fun and we all love to share and watch videos on Facebook. But because Facebook has actually removed the video adjustment attributes, it is impossible to turn a video clip straight on Facebook presently. So exactly how to revolve Facebook video? Here, I will certainly introduce to you a wonderful tool to fix the trouble.

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Q: I uploaded to Facebook an MP4 video that plays perfectly (correct orientation) on my Windows PC, but Facebook rotated it 90"s counterclockwise. Tbelow is no alternative to rotate it in Facebook. How do you revolve a video clip in Facebook?

Q: I have actually currently watched a few videos that are upside down or in reverse on Facebook. Does anyone have some approaches to turn the videos so I can fully enjoy them? Thanks a lot.

Many type of people have the same problem of exactly how to revolve video on Facebook. For Facebook has actually currently removed the video adjustment functions, rotating an uploaded video on Facebook is impossible. However before, you can still use some third-party software to turn Facebook videos offline. The complying with component shows you how to rotate a Facebook video in 2 ways.

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The Simplest Facebook Video Rotating Software – Full Enjoy Videos on Facebook

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a totally free and easy-to-usage Facebook video editor. It have the right to rotate, merge, chop Facebook videos with a couple of clicks and likewise offers us a downloading and install attribute to free download videos from Facebook and various other over 300 video sharing sites. With Free HD Video Converter Factory, we can now conveniently downfill videos and also modify them.


If you are trying to find a basic way to settle the Facebook turn video problem, Free HD Video Converter Factory is surely what you are searching for. Once you uncover a rotated or reversed video on Facebook, just usage Free HD Video Converter Factory to download the Facebook video and revolve it to the correct orientation. Besides downloading and also modifying videos, it can transform videos and also audio files to over 500 layouts and also devices, like converting MP4 to MOV, converting MP4 to M4R and also the choose.


Before start, please free downloadcost-free downpack Free HD Video Converter Factory and install it on our computer.


Step 1. Free Download the Rotated Video from Facebook

To revolve Facebook videos, initially, free downfill the reversed or rotated video from Facebook. Launch the regimen and enter the Downfill module, simply click Downpack Video, then copy and also paste the URL to the box, next, click Analyze to wait for the analyzing procedure. After that, you can select the resolution and also click Downpack All button to downpack Facebook videos. Also, Free HD Video Converter Factory allows you to download YouTube videos, downpack Instagram videos, download Vimeo videos, and also so forth.


Step 2. Begin to Rotate Video in Facebook

After downloading and install videos from Facebook, you deserve to begin to turn video on Facebook. Just enter the Converter module, drag and also drop the downloaded video to the program and click the Rotate icon and tright here will pop up the Rotate window. Now you can select to rotate the Facebook video clockwise or anticlockwise, or to flip the video as shown in the appropriate image. After all the operations, click OK to go earlier to the main interface and also click “RUN” button to start the conversion.

As the the majority of well-known media player approximately the human being, VLC has actually some standard video editing and enhancing features, like rotating videos, cropping videos, etc. So if you have downloaded some rotated or reversed videos from Facebook and want to make them normal, VLC is also a selection.

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Tip 1. To rotate Facebook video, initially, import the Facebook video to VLC. Then, in the playing interconfront, click Tools on the menu bar and also choose Effects and also Filters, or you deserve to just click the 3 arrows icon to go to the Adjustments and Effects window.

Tip 2. In the Adjustments and also Effects window, click Video Effects tab and also choose Geometry sub-tag. Then inspect Transcreate and also currently you deserve to choose to rotate video on Facebook by 90 degrees, 180 levels, 270 degrees, or to flip videos and transpose videos. At last, just click Close to start watching the Facebook video in the appropriate orientation.

Using VLC media player to rotate the Facebook video is a short-term method. It cannot change the original video’s develop. So if you desire to rotate Facebook videos permanently, simply provide Free HD Video Converter Factory a free try. Besides, do not forobtain to recollection the options of VLC once playing the normal videos.

At last...

We have actually already readily available 2 handy and valuable means to resolve Facebook rotate video concern. Of course, we sincerely hope that Facebook will obtain the video adjustment features earlier so that we have the right to directly revolve videos on Facebook. But there is slim opportunity to have actually the attribute earlier. So why not offer Free HD Video Converter Factory a consideration? The multisensible video converter, downloader and also fundamental editor have the right to certainly satisfy your requirements.

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HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports 4K & HD videos convariation and also improvement. And it likewise enables us to compush videos through high high quality preserved. The various other highlights are that it supports batch processing and also 50X speed up conversion, which make the convariation even more efficient and also faster.

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