How to rotate a video in facebook

“I uploaded an MP4 video that plays perfectly (correct orientation) on my Victory 7 COMPUTER. Uppack to Facebook, and also Facebook rotated it 90’s counterclockwise. Is tbelow a way to turn a video that is already uploaded on Facebook?”

– Asked by Ken Thomas in Facebook Help Community

Being the a lot of well-known social platdevelop, Facebook holds billions of customers global and also keeps the potential to make your videos obtain the highest variety of views and also shares than any various other sites. Have you ever uploaded a video on Facebook? Did you ever before realize that the video you uploaded is upside-dvery own or sideways? You could not want to delete the video and also re-uploaded it as it already have actually gained some reactions and comments.

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If you are having actually this issue and desire to revolve video on Facebook to the correct angle, then you are in the best place. In this article, we will comment on just how to rotate videos before or after uploading to Facebook. Keep analysis to get all the essential understanding along with the steps on exactly how to turn a video clip on Facebook.

Part 1. How to Rotate Video on Facebook after Uploading

Sometimes you may uncover trouble through the angle of a video clip uploaded on your Facebook, and also desire to correct the angle without having to uppack the video aobtain. Don’t issue. Just follow the measures offered listed below to solve the angle problem.

Go to Facebook and also open up your profile web page. Find the Facebook video that requirements to be rotated and also open it.Place your mouse cursor over it and also click on the “Options” switch that appears at the bottom of the display.Tbelow are two sub-choices gave tbelow which reads “Rotate Left” and also “Rotate Right”. You can select either of them to turn the video by 90 levels.


Please note the totality process can take some time to take impact, which relies on the duration and also top quality of video to be rotated. Just be patient to turn video on Facebook to acquire your wanted direction. Rotating will certainly become much easier if you haven’t upfill the video to Facebook. Let’s look at the means listed below.

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Part 2. How to Rotate Video on Facebook prior to Uploading

Option 1: Rotate Facebook Video on Windows PC

On Windows, there are many video modifying software obtainable to help you revolve the video on Facebook. Here we recommfinish you try Free Video Converter to obtain the preferred rotation of your Facebook videos. This freeware allows you to import videos in any format, revolve and also modify video documents in a straightforward way. Just follow the procedures offered below:

Downfill and install Free Video Converter on your COMPUTER. Run the software program and also choose “Convert” to start the rotation job-related.Click “Add Media” to import video records. If you want to import media records from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, copy the video attach and click “+Paste URL”.To turn the video, click the modify icon to enter the modifying home window. Tap on “Crop” and then choose the rotation choices from the food selection that opens.Click on “OK” to confirm the operation. Then select the output format you favor and click “Convert” to conserve the video file to your computer system.


Option 2: Rotate Facebook Video on MacOS

If you’re using a Mac, you deserve to count on the inconstructed video viewing application – QuickTime Player to quickly revolve Facebook video without installing any kind of additional software. The regime is qualified of opening videos developed by most cameras and also phones, and videos videotaped in 4K, HD or typical, sluggish movement or regular speed. Here’s just how to rotate videos in Mac OS X:

Open the video you want to revolve with QuickTime Player in Mac OS X.Click “Edit” in the menu bar, you will uncover the alternative to revolve your video left or appropriate, flip horizontal or vertical.Now you have the right to click “File > Save” in the food selection bar or usage the key-board shortreduced “Command+S” to save the video file.


Option 3: Rotate Facebook Video Online

Another method to change the rotation of your Facebook videos is utilizing an digital company. Here we’d like to recommend the webwebsite –, which lets you rotate videos in a matter of secs. You have the right to choose to post the rotated video to Facebook or YouTube. And your videos are exclusive, which will be automatically rerelocated from the server after a few hrs.

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Visit the website “” and also click on “Pick Videos” from the home page.Select the video that needs to be rotated from your difficult drive and also wait for it to be uploaded.After that click the left or ideal butloads under “Rotation” to acquire your video rotated. Once the video gets your preferred angle, click “Rotate My Video”.You deserve to then gain the video downloaded to your computer or short article it straight to Facebook or YouTube as you favor.