How to restrict access to a folder in windows server 2012

I have actually provided doprimary user full manage in folder permissions yet the user still cant edit any type of papers inside the folder as its say read-only.

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I have actually tested via one more user same department and acquired exactly the very same worry.

Advise will be very appreciated. 

Which of the following retains the information it's storing as soon as the mechanism power is turned off?


You can go in to defense and also advanced and also look at the effective accessibility tab it will certainly tell you what you obtain, likewise have actually you made certain in the progressed part that the permisions are used to papers and subfolders ?


Hi Morph,

Ye I have actually checked and also the pergoals execute apply to files and also sub-folders and also I have likewise checked the efficient access. For the user with full manage effective has green ticks.

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Check the share permissions likewise because they would finest be set to full regulate, I think most people collection their permissions to full regulate on the share side and also then usage the file and also folder to set perms bereason you get even more control 

Just to ask, if you appropriate click a file and also look at the properties, is the Read Only checkbox checked?

Seems odd that that would certainly be the instance for multiple files, yet i think it does take priority over doprimary pergoals. Somepoint to inspect at leastern.

Otherwise, go into Computer Management/Disk Management.. this would cover even more people than just one department, yet is the drive checked as check out only? We"ve had actually an update go with prior to which efficiently made the information drive of multipe file servers be collection as RO.

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morph wrote:

Check the share permissions likewise because they would certainly ideal be collection to complete regulate, I think many civilization collection their permissions to full control on the share side and then usage the file and folder to set perms because you acquire even more control 

Very bad practice, the maximum you should collection it to is modify for a share. complete manage has actually the potential for human being to have actually the rights to modify protection on file/folder. It is better to use administrative shares to execute security legal rights transforms

Are there any kind of deny pergoals on the folder as these willtake precedence on the folder.Also if the user is still logged in whilst you are making the transforms try agpupdate

You may desire to inspect file/folder ownership in the folders below. I"ve especially viewed this through folder redirection where a user copied papers from their My Documents or Deskoptimal, and the redirection settings offered the individuals exclusive accessibility to their documents. You would certainly should recollection ownership and then file permissions.

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