How to reset iphone 3gs to factory settings

Even if the iPhone 3GS is still a trustworthy smartphone powered by an extremely steady OS it deserve to still periodically show indicators of fatigue. We’re going to show you how to recollection the iPhone 3GS to manufacturing facility settings. This is mostly essential once you feel that the as a whole flow is a little bit slow and also you’re craving for the agility once had actually, or if you unfortunately find yourself stuck at Apple logo. The iPhone was announced and also released in late 2009 powered by iOS 3 at that minute, yet upgrade has actually been possible till iOS 6.1.3. The Apple veteran-device was not consisted of on iOS 7’s shopping list.

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Let’s talk a tiny specs before gaining right into hard resetting the iPhone 3GS. The smartphone is powered by an Cortex-A8, clocked at 600MHz and also a PowerVR SGX535 graphics processor. The 3.5 inch display screen with a 320 x 480 pixels resolution is protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass. The interior memory varies in between 8, 16 and 32 Gb of storage, just perfect to save even more and even more of the photos taken with the 3.15MP back-dealing with electronic camera.

How to difficult reset the iPhone 3GS


As declared before, there are a few reasons to tough recollection the iPhone 3GS, either if you want it, or compelbrought about carry out it. By restoring the iPhone to factory settings you deserve to repair any type of software damperiods brought straight or instraight to it. Thstormy understand reset all information ( images, music, videos and also contacts ) will certainly be deleted. Tbelow are two methods of doing this on the iPhone: one by hands-on reset ( in case you have accessibility to the OS ) or the iTunes reset ( in instance your phone is bricked ). Firstly, we’ll show you the iTunes method via some simple steps:

Connect the iPhone 3GS to the COMPUTER with the USB cable. iTunes need to launch immediately yet if not, accessibility it yourself.Once it is linked, choose your tool from the optimal ideal edge. The iPhone information windows must appear.Select “Restore” and confirm the action when the confirmation pop-up shows up.You’ll need to wait a couple of minutes till the software program version is downloaded and also extracted + a few more minutes till the restoring of the software program is completed.The “Your iPhone has been restored to manufacturing facility settings” message will appear after shortly after. Good news. The 3GS will certainly rebegin at this suggest.

A part of restoring also is composed in setting up the iPhone: you deserve to either gain back from a previous backup or collection as a brand-new iPhone. If the 3GS’s OS was a little buggy you might want to execute a clean set up. Let’s cover the last choice first:

Select the name for the iPhone.Select which accounts you desire to sync via the iPhone.Select which apps you want to sync via the iPhone.After deciding what you want your brand-new 3GS to contain, simply click the “Apply” button and sync will start.

If you want to regain from a previous earlier up, after selecting this option, the earlier up procedure will certainly start. To recollection the manufacturing facility settings of the iPhone 3GS within the OS follow the next steps:

Go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Reset” -> “Erase all content and also settings”.Once the hard reset is finished, put up the 3GS and also you’re great to go.

From DFU Mode

Sometimes, hard resetting the iPhone 3GS doesn’t execute the trick. What you need to carry out in this situation is to enter DFU mode ( Device Firmware Upgrade ) that allows you to reclaim the gadget from any state. This is a bit tricky so please follow these measures thoroughly:

How the iPhone 3GS looks in DFU ModeMake sure the tool is turned off  and also that it is not connected to the COMPUTER.Hold down the Home switch and also connect the 3GS to the computer system ( don’t release the Home switch yet ).Once the iTunes and usb cable logo appears on the iPhone appears, you have the right to let go of the Home switch.Resave the tool utilizing the iTunes approach from over.

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Tright here might be some factors for your tool to be bricked. The most important thing is to make sure you have enough battery as soon as upgrading to a more recent software program variation, because interrupting the upgrade will result in a bricked iPhone 3GS and a recollection to manufacturing facility establishing is essential.

Also jailbreaking erroneously have the right to lead to a bricked iPhone, so please be mindful through that likewise. Well, there you have it – the overview to reset the iPhone 3GS, I hope you don’t have to usage any kind of of the actions over. But in instance you carry out, usage them through care, don’t skip any kind of of the procedures, and let us recognize how it went.

Reset without iTunes

Basically, there are 2 quite straightforward ways of perdeveloping this job. The initially one explained requires a machine that contends leastern iOS 5 currently installed. If you don’t understand what software application version the iPhone 3GS is presently running and you can’t seem to find these instructions, browse down to the last resort.

From the standard phone food selection, tap on Settings. If you can’t uncover it simply by browsing, swipe to the best and also then form Settings to search it.In the General menu, you must discover a Recollection alternative.Now chose Erase All Content and also Settings and also then confirm your selection.

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As I shelp just above, if the phone is running an older version of iOS, you can still refresh the software program by pushing and also holding the Home switch all at once with the Sleep / Wake button, located on top of the smartphone. Keep these butloads pressed till the phone restarts, and also release them once the Apple logo design shows up. After that, no various other confirmations or choices are compelled, the device will simply delete the existing configuration.