How to remove hard drive hp pavilion

This is a tutorial on just how to relocation a faulty 2.5 inches hard disk drive on a Hewlett-Packard (HP) Pavilion DV9700* series notebook. This procedure additionally works on DX6600 and DX6700 series . The entirety process is incredibly simple and also will not take you more than 5 minutes. 

Notice*: The particular model supports 2 Sata 2,5’’ hard disk drives. In this record you learn how to relocation the primary HDD.

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Scroll to the end of the post to watch a video with the totality procedure.

Step 1: Turn your laptop upside down

Step 2 : Remove the Battery

1. Slide and also organize the battery release latch to its release place.


2. Lift the front edge of the battery and rerelocate it from the battery bay.

Tip 3: Rerelocate the Hard drive

1. Look on the left side on your lappeak and also discover the HDD bay 1 (major HDD).


2. Loosen the two (2) screws that secure the HDD cover and the Hard drive.

3. Remove the HDD cover.

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4. Use a flatted screwdriver and also lift-up the external edge of hard drive and rerelocate it from its bay.

Tip 4: Unscrew the Hard drive from its case

1. Use your screw driver and also loosen the 4 (4) screws that secure the drive in its case.

2. Rerelocate the HDD from it’s instance.

Tip 5. Rerelocate the SATA Hard Drive Connector

1. Use a flatted screwdriver and also lift-up the Sata Hard Drive Connector.


Tip 6: Place the brand-new Hard drive

1. Take your new tough drive on your hands.

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2. Follow the above measures in reverse sequence to complete the task.

Models affected:

HP DV 9700 series: dv9700, dv9700t, dv9700z, dv9715nr, dv9718ca, dv9720ca, dv9720us, dv9723ca, dv9723cl, dv9724ca, dv9727cl, dv9727us, dv9728ca, dv9728cl, dv9730ca, dv9730nr, dv9730us, dv9731ca, dv9734nr, dv9736ca, dv9740ca, dv9740us, dv9743cl, dv9744ca, dv9747cl, dv9748ca, dv9750us, dv9758ca, dv9774ca

HP DX 6600 series: dx6600, dx6650ca, dx6650us, dx6653ca, dx6665ca, dx6667cl, dx6697nr, dx6600 CTO, dx6697us, dx6699xx