How to remove hard drive from acer laptop

Many Acer"s customers typically rerelocate the failed tough drive from the lappeak and send it along to data restoration lab, unless the device recoexceptionally is forced and the brand-new drive-clone have to be tested in-lab to make certain the operating system is bootable.

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If you are lucky then you will certainly be able to situate your drive under the little bit cover at the bottom of computer. It’s applicable to the models choose Acer Aspire 9300/7000 Series, Acer Travel Mate 8210/8200 Series or Acer Ferrari 3400.

But not all Acer laptops designed via a straightforward drive-replacement function. In truth, to remove the drive from the majority of of the contemporary ACER laptop computers you have to literally take the entirety computer system acomponent to acquire an access to the drive. The example listed below provides a demonstration of drive removal manipulations that should be applied to a details Acer lapheight version.

Anymethod, that instance might provide you a fast outlook for drive removal directions for the the majority of typical ACER laptop computers. A appropriate kind of screwdriver and some sharp guideline of a plastic (preferable) tool and also few clues are all what you need currently for fast and simple drive rerelocating task.

Do not forget, that after you remove the drive you have to look at it carefully and retain any kind of attached SATA, MicroSATA or mSATA adapters or connectors, brackets and also mounting screws or other points that are not precisely parts of the drive itself. We don’t require them for information recovery procedure and also you should keep them for the brand-new drive installation.


Acer Aspire V5-571

Turn off the lapheight and remove the battery.

Remove the keyboard: Remove 2 screws securing the key-board.

Pic.2 Locate the screws holding the keyboard

The Keyboard is hosted by 2 locking clips, under the battery. Use the sharp reminder of a plastic tool to release the keyboard.

Remove the key-board, and also disattach the four functional cables: 1) Keyboard cable 2) Keyboard Light cable, 3) Power-On button cable and also 4) Touch-pad cable. NOTE: To disaffix Power-On button cable and also Touch-pad cable you need additionally rerelocate 4 screws.

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Turn over lapheight to rerelocate 18 screws from the bottom cover and also remove any type of memory SD Card from the Card reader (from the bottom of computer).

Now you deserve to start opening the upper cover via a plastic opening tool. After separating the cover from the bottom component, right under the top cover you will certainly find the difficult drive as shown on the photo below. Lift the drive up about 30 or 45 levels and pull it out.

Pic.3 Rerelocating a hard drive from Acer Laptop

After you are done via the tough drive removal you may continue to placing the data recoincredibly order.

Few Successful Recoveries

Here, you deserve to check out some of the comments from customers: small, huge organization carriers or civilization living close to your home.

Tom from Bronx, NYC: NAS RAID WD My Book World Edition II 2TB (2x1TB) Network Attached Server

Failed RAID-0 via two Western Digital Drives in World Publication II NAS situation has Linux operating System. 2nd HDD is in functioning problem. The initially drive is failed along with a blown controller board inside the NAS box. The NAS BOX is WD World Book II (Blue Rings). From the research study I have done the drive are in Linux rhelp linear format. WORD DOC + Photos are instrumental records, and also all other files are less necessary, but valuable as well.Dear team, thank you for great data retrieving result.

The Ohio State University, Columbus: MAC G-RAID External Hard Drive Array

Electrician came right into the office to activate brand-new electric outallows and also turned off the power to the office. This led to a premature shutdvery own of the Mac RAID terminal. In the few days after this event developed, the drive would certainly not present up on the desktop computer instantly upon mechanism power-up, taking a long time to mount and also appear. I ran DD rescue on it and it got to a few respanned documents prior to RAID stopping totally. Volume will no longer mount at all and also renders 2 repeated noises on power-up till it stops making noises completely. Drives in the RAID have actually not been physically transformed, modified, all original components, enclocertain, has actually not been opened, etc.

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