How to remove bookmarks in word

When you obtain a Word document from your colleague, you might discover that tbelow are some bookmarks in this document. How have the right to we delete bookmarks in Word? In this passage, we would talk about it.

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Delete Some Bookmarks manually

Once you discover that tright here are just some bookmarks in your document, you deserve to delete all the bookmarks manually.

Tip 1: Launch your Word, navigate to Insert>>Bookmark.


Tip 2: In the coming dialog, all bookmarks of present record are detailed in the drop-dvery own box of Booknote type by name or place, choose the bookmark you want to remove and also click Delete.

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Delete All the Bookmarks Thunstable VBA

When you find that there are too many bookmarks, you might feel annoying if you delete each of them respectively. Fortunately, tbelow is an effective tool in Word that is the VBA editor. Because of this, we will certainly usage VBA to help you batch remove multiple bookmarks in a paper.

Step 1: Press Alt+F11 at the very same time to carry up the Microsoft visual standard for application home window.


Step 2: Click Insert>>Module and paste the under codes right into the recently opened module. Then press F5 or the run icon.

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Below DeleteAllBookmarksInDoc() Dim objBookmark As Booknote Dim nBooknote As Integer Dim strButtonValue As String Dim objDoc As Document Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set objDoc = ActiveDocument nBooknote = objDoc.Bookmarks.Count If nBookmark0 Then strButtonValue = MsgBox("Do you want to rerelocate all " & nBooknote & " bookmark(s) in this document?", vbYesNo) If strButtonValue = vbYes Then For Each objBookmark In objDoc.Bookmarks objBooknote.Delete Next objBooknote MsgBox ("All bookmarks in this document have been deleted.") Else Exit Sub End If End If Application.ScreenUpdating = True End Sub


Tip 3: Next you will certainly check out a prompt from which you deserve to watch the total number of bookmarks in the current record. Click Yes to delete them all.