How to prevent firefox from opening new windows

On Firefox 3.5, as soon as I drag dvery own a tab, it opens in a brand-new widnow (I mean is the same as clicking via the rigth button on a tab and selecting Open In A New Tab).

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If it isn"t feasible to prevent it, at leastern haw can I make the tab go ago to the original window?



Downfill bug489729 (Disable detach and also tear off tab) 1.2

Once you’ve mounted the experimental Firefox extension, you’ll must open up up Add-ons from the Tools menu, and also then select “Disable detach tab” from the extension options page.


The change should be prompt, no more detaching tabs.

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I would recommfinish making use of the Plug-In dubbed Tab Mix Plus. It has actually a bunch of alternatives to tweak the habits of the tabs in Firefox. I find this tool is just one of my "Must Have" firefox plug ins. It provides the capacity to manage the behavior of opening new home windows as well as a number of various other handy functions prefer being able to relocate tabs approximately from one window to an additional or to re-arrange the order they appear in the current window. Lifehacker named this as among the "10 Must Have Firefox extensions".

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Here is a list of the attributes...

Duplicates tabsOpens a new tab with the very same web page and back/forward historyControls tab focusAllows the user to pick whether brand-new tabs will certainly be selected as soon as created by assorted events (such as linking, opening bookmarks, and so on.)JavaScript decompilingAllows JavaScript to be forced right into a separate tab rather of a pop-up box, and enables the user to see the URL of the JavaScript web page.Changes managing of inputSome clicks, points, and also key-presses deserve to be assigned brand-new tab-associated functionsRecovers closed tabs and windowsSaves information about tabs and windows as they are closed, enabling the user to "undo" closing them, including retaining created indevelopment from the user (e.g. in a Wikipedia modify page)Session Manager and Crash RecoverySimilar to bookmarks, conserves the existing set of open home windows and tabs (and also connected history) on command also and in preparation for a crash (view Session Saver extension)

While you are at it...You might as well install vibrant tabs too! You"ll find it is advantageous if you save fairly a few tabs open at once.